will regular cat shampoo kill fleas

will regular cat shampoo kill fleas?

Regular cat shampoo may be effective at killing fleas, but it also has other side effects. Flea collars are better for controlling fleas.

will shampooing carpet get rid of cat urine?

Shampooing carpet is a great way to remove cat urine stains from carpet. However, you should use a non-scented shampoo, and be careful not to rub too much into the carpet fibers. If the stain is still visible after shampooing, then you may need to apply a cleaning solution to the area.

will spca take my cat?

If your cat has been missing for more than 24 hours, then it may be considered lost. The best thing to do is to contact local animal shelters and ask them to check their records to see if they have any cats matching your description.

will the humane society pick up stray cats?

The Humane Society of the United States has a program called Trap Neuter Return (TNR), which is a free service for feral cat colonies. This program allows the humane society to trap the cats and then spay them and return them to the colony. The colony members then adopt out the kittens to new homes.

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will wet food help my cat gain weight?

Wet food is better for cats because they don’t like dry food. However, wet food is also expensive. If you want to feed your cat wet food, you should mix it with dry food. This way, your cat will be able to eat both types of food at once.

would a cat scan show a brain tumor?

A CAT SCAN shows tumors in the body, but cannot detect tumors in the brain. If you suspect a brain tumor, you should consult a neurologist for further evaluation.

would cats eat you if you died?

Yes, they would eat you. Cats are carnivores, which means they eat meat. They also have sharp teeth and claws, and they don’t like to share food. If you were dead, they would probably start eating you right away.

a better cat tom and jerry?

A better cat tom and jerrry is a game where two players try to guess what the other player is thinking. The first person says something like “I’m thinking about my cat Tom” and then the second person has to guess what the first person was thinking. This game is fun for adults and kids alike.

a black cat halloween costume?

A black cat Halloween costume is great for kids who love cats. The costume includes a long black coat, a white collar, a red bow tie, and a pair of black shoes. This costume is perfect for trick-or-treating at night.

a black cat meowing
A black cat meowing is a way for cats to communicate with each other. Cats use meows to express different emotions such as anger, fear, happiness, sadness, and playfulness. Meowing is also used to attract attention from humans.

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