why is my neutered dog trying to hump my cat

why is my neutered dog trying to hump my cat?

Your dog may be trying to mount your cat for one of two reasons: either he wants to mate with her, or he wants to play. If he just wants to play, then he?s probably doing it out of boredom. However, if he really wants to mate with her then he needs to find another way to do it.

why is my one cat suddenly hissing at the other?

One cat may be hissing at another for any number of reasons. The first thing to do is to try to figure out what?s going on. Is the cat sick? Has he been hurt? Does he want something from the other cat? If you don’t know what’s going on, then you need to find out.

why is onion bad for cats?

Onion is toxic to cats because they cannot digest it properly. Cats should be fed a diet free of onions, garlic, and other allium vegetables.

why is the cat staring at me?

The cat is looking at you because he wants attention. Cats love attention, especially when they feel like they’re being ignored. If you ignore him, he’ll keep trying to get your attention until you give it to him.

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why is there blood in my cat’s diarrhea?

There is no blood in your cat’s feces. If your cat has bloody diarrhea, then he may be suffering from a serious illness such as parvovirus or feline leukemia virus. Your veterinarian should examine your cat for these conditions.

why is there blood in my cat’s urine?

There could be several reasons for this problem. The first thing to do is to check whether your cat has been eating grass. If he has been eating grass, then his bladder may be irritated and he may need to go outside frequently to urinate. Another possibility is that your cat may have eaten something poisonous such as berries or mushrooms. If this is the case, then your cat needs immediate veterinary attention.

why mother cat rejects kittens?

Mother cats reject kittens because they want to protect them from predators. They do not want to share their food with other animals.

why my cat follows me into the bathroom?

Cats like to be around humans. They want to play with us, cuddle up next to us, and sleep near us. If they don’t get what they need from us, they’ll find another way to get it. This is called “attachment parenting.”

why my cat is drinking so much water?

Cats drink water for two reasons: they need hydration, and they like to clean themselves. If your cat drinks too much water, he may be thirsty, but he also needs to urinate frequently. This could indicate a urinary tract infection, which requires veterinary care.

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why my cat is hiding under the bed
Your cat may be hiding under the bed because he/she is scared of something. Try to reassure him/her by petting him/her gently. If your cat still hides under the bed, try to find out what scares him/her.

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