why is my fixed female cat peeing everywhere

why is my fixed female cat peeing everywhere?

Your cat may be having urinary tract infections. If she has been drinking water from the toilet bowl, then she could also have a bladder infection. Urinary tract infections are common in cats, especially females. The symptoms include frequent urination, excessive thirst, lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, and fever. A veterinarian should examine your cat for signs of UTI.

why is my indoor cat scratching so much?

Cats scratch for several reasons, including: boredom, stress, anxiety, and territorial marking. If your cat scratches excessively, he may be bored, stressed, anxious, or trying to mark his territory. If your cat is scratching excessively indoors, try these tips: provide him with toys, play with him regularly, give him attention when he scratches, and keep your home clean.

why is my male cat peeing on my stuff?

Your cat may be marking his territory, which means he wants other cats to know where he lives. If you don’t want him to do this, then you should put down some litter boxes around the house. Also, try using a product called Feliway, which helps reduce stress for your cat.

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why is my older cat losing weight?

Your cat may be losing weight due to age. Older cats tend to lose weight for several reasons. First, they usually don’t eat as much as younger cats do. Second, older cats often don’t exercise as much as younger ones do. Third, older cats tend to have less energy. Fourth, older cats often experience health issues such as arthritis, kidney disease, diabetes, and cancer. Finally, older cats often live longer than younger cats. If your cat is losing weight, talk to your veterinarian about what might be causing it.

why is one of my cats ears down?

One of your cat?s ears may be down because he/she has ear mites. Ear mites are small parasites that live in the outer ear canal. They cause itching, scratching, and inflammation of the skin around the ear. The best way to prevent ear mites is to keep your cat indoors and clean his/her ears regularly. If your cat has ear mites, contact your veterinarian for treatment.

why is sugar bad for cats?

Sugar is toxic to cats’ kidneys. Cats should be fed dry food only, and they should never eat table scraps. If you feed them too much sugar, it may cause kidney failure.

why is the cats movie so bad?

The Cats Movie was made for $1 million dollars, which means they had no budget at all. They also did not care about making a quality film, so they used stock footage from other movies, and added some cheesy effects. This movie has been criticized for using too much CGI, and having terrible acting.

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why is there ash in cat food?

There is ash in cat food because cats eat grass and other plants that contain calcium. The ash helps to give the bones of the cat strong structure.

why my cat has dandruff?

Your cat may be shedding hair due to stress, illness, or allergies. If he doesn’t seem to be comfortable, try giving him some extra attention and petting. Also, keep his environment clean and dry.

why sam and cat get cancelled
Sam and Cat got cancelled because they were too similar to other shows like Family Guy and The Simpsons. They also had a lot of fans who didn’t want them to be cancelled.

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