why is my cat’s temperature low

why is my cat’s temperature low?

Your cat’s temperature may be low due to several reasons, such as having too little water, too much food, or too little exercise. If your cat has been ill for some time, he may also have a fever. The best way to determine whether your cat needs medical attention is to contact your veterinarian.

why is my cat’s urine red?

Your cat’s urine turns red when he has passed out blood from his bladder. The color comes from hemoglobin, which is a protein found in red blood cells. When your cat passes out, his body loses water and becomes dehydrated. This causes the blood vessels in his bladder to dilate, allowing for the release of blood into the urine.

why is my cats anus red?

Your cat has anal sacs which secrete a fluid called “pus”. When the cat defecates, the anal sacs swell up and become inflamed. The inflammation causes the skin around the anus to turn red. This is normal for healthy cats.

why is my cats eye pink?

Cats eyes are usually pink because they contain blood vessels that are dilated. This condition is called “dilated pupils” and is caused by stress, excitement, or pain. The color of the cat’s eyes may also change depending on what food he eats.

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why is my cats fur suddenly matted?

Cats’ fur becomes matted when they rub against carpet fibers. The cat’s claws dig into the carpet, which causes the hair to become tangled. If you notice that your cat has started scratching at his fur, try cleaning up the area where he scratches. Also, be careful about using furniture polish or other chemicals to clean your cat’s fur. These products may irritate your cat’s skin. Instead, use a soft brush to gently remove the mats.

why is my cats leg swollen?

Your cat has a condition called pyothorax which means pus is building up in his chest cavity. This happens when he inhales something into his lungs that causes infection. The best way to treat this is to keep him indoors for at least 24 hours until the pus drains out of his chest. If you cannot do this then you need to call your vet immediately.

why is my cats penis out?

Your cat has a penis because he needs to urinate. If he doesn’t pee, his body will produce urine which will cause him pain. So, when he feels like going to the bathroom, he will lift up his tail and let go.

why is my cats skin so flaky?

Your cat?s skin is dry and flaky because he/she has too much oil. To fix this problem, use a moisturizing shampoo for cats once a week. Also, try using a humidifier at night to keep your cat from getting dehydrated.

why is my male cat peeing on my clothes?

Your male cat may be marking his territory. Male cats mark their territories by urinating on objects they consider theirs. If he has been doing this for a while, then he might be trying to tell other animals that he owns the area. He could also be marking his territory to keep other males away from his female.

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why is my neutered cat peeing on things
Your cat may be having urinary tract infections. If your cat has frequent urination, he/she should be checked out by a veterinarian.

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