why is my cat’s eye closed shut

why is my cat’s eye closed shut?

Your cat may be having trouble seeing because his eyes are dry. Cats need to blink frequently to keep their eyes moist. If your cat has been sleeping for long periods of time, he may also be dehydrated. Make sure your cat gets plenty of water.

why is my cat’s fur clumping together?

Your cat has a condition called hyperkeratosis which causes his hair to become thick and brittle. This makes him prone to matting. The best way to prevent this from happening is to brush your cat regularly.

why is my cat’s meow so weak?

Your cat’s meow is weak because he has lost his voice box. This happens when your cat gets older, and the muscles around the vocal cords weaken. The only way to fix this problem is to replace the vocal cord with a new one.

why is my cat’s nose so wet?

Your cat has a cold, and his nose is dripping water. This happens when the mucus glands in your cat’s nose produce too much liquid. If your cat is sneezing, coughing, or having trouble breathing, contact your vet immediately.

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why is my cat’s pee dark?

Your cat’s urine is dark because the urea crystals in the urine absorb light at certain wavelengths. The color of the urine depends on the amount of urea present in the urine. Urine from healthy cats has less urea than urine from sick cats.

why is my cat’s poop so hard?

Your cat’s poop is hard because he has been eating too much fiber. Cats need to eat about 10 times their weight in food each week to stay healthy. If your cat eats too little, his stool may be soft and mushy. If your cat eats more than 10 times his weight, his stools may be dry and firm.

why is my cat’s pupils different sizes?

Cats’ eyes are set at different distances from the nose, which means they need to focus on objects at different distances. This is why cats’ pupils are different sizes.

why is my cat’s purr raspy?

Your cat’s purr is raspy because he has a cold. Cats’ noses run when they have a cold, which causes them to sneeze. Sneezing makes cats cough, and coughing makes them pant. Panting is what gives them their raspy purrs.

why is my cat’s skin so dry?

Your cat has dry skin because he/she needs to be groomed regularly. Cats need to be brushed daily to remove dead hair and keep them looking clean. If your cat doesn’t like having his fur brushed, then you should brush him/her at least once a week.

why is my cat’s tail bent at the end
Cats’ tails are curved to help them balance when they jump off furniture or walls. If your cat has a long tail, it may be difficult for him to balance himself while jumping. This could cause injury to his back legs.

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