why is my cat eating litter

why is my cat eating litter?

Cats eat litter for two reasons: 1) they love to play with it, 2) they like the smell. If your cat is eating litter, then he may be bored. Try giving him some toys to play with, or try putting his favorite food inside the litter box.

why is my cat hiding under the bed?

Your cat is probably afraid of something. Maybe he is scared of thunderstorms, or maybe he just wants to be alone. If you want to know what?s going on, you need to find out what?s making him nervous. Start by talking to your cat about his fears. He may be able to tell you what?s bothering him.

why is my cat limping all of a sudden?

Your cat may be suffering from arthritis. Arthritis is a condition where joints become inflamed and painful. The pain usually occurs after age 10, but some cats develop arthritis at any age. If your cat has been limping for several days or weeks, consult your veterinarian.

why is my cat panting like a dog?

Your cat may be panting because he/she is excited about something. Cats often pant when they are trying to communicate with us. If your cat has been acting strangely for a while, then it might be a sign that he/she needs medical attention.

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why is my cat peeing just outside the litter box?

Your cat may be urinating outside the litter box because he doesn’t like the smell of the litter. Try adding some litter to the box that smells better for him. Also try changing the litter box itself. If these don’t work, talk to your vet about other options.

why is my cat scared all of a sudden?

Your cat may be frightened by something he sees outside his window. He may also be afraid of a new person who has moved into the neighborhood. If you want to calm him down, try giving him a treat when he comes inside.

why is my cat sleeping more than usual?

Your cat may be sleeping more because he/she is stressed out. Cats sleep for about 16 hours per day, which means they need around 8 hours of restful sleep each night. If your cat doesn’t get enough sleep, he/she will become lethargic and depressed. To help your cat feel better, try giving him/her some attention and playtime.

why is my cat sneezing a lot?

Your cat may be suffering from allergies. If you notice that your cat has been sneezing for several days, then you should consult your veterinarian.

why is my cat’s stomach hard?

Your cat has a hard stomach because he eats too much dry food. Dry food contains less water than wet food, which means your cat needs to eat more dry food to stay hydrated. If you feed him too much dry food, his stomach will become hardened and he will start vomiting.

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why is my elderly cat pulling her fur out
Your cat may be scratching herself due to stress, anxiety, or boredom. If she is doing this for long periods of time, she could also be experiencing pain from arthritis. Try giving her some treats or playtime to distract her.

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