why is my cat drooling and smells bad

why is my cat drooling and smells bad?

Your cat may be suffering from a condition called kitty mouth disease, which causes cats to drool excessively and smell bad. The symptoms usually appear after they eat something that has been left out for too long. If your cat is experiencing these symptoms, he needs immediate veterinary care.

why is my cat drooling excessively?

Your cat may be suffering from dry mouth syndrome. This condition occurs when cats do not drink enough water. The result is excessive salivation which causes drooling. If your cat has been drinking less water for several days, contact your veterinarian immediately.

why is my cat eating less?

Your cat may be eating less because he/she has lost weight due to illness or stress. If your cat is losing weight, contact your veterinarian for advice.

why is my cat growling all of a sudden?

Your cat may be growling due to stress. If your cat is growling for no apparent reason, it might be a sign of anxiety. To help calm your cat down, try rubbing his belly or giving him some treats.

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why is my cat hiding from me?

Your cat may be afraid of you, or he might just want to play. If your cat is hiding from you, try to ignore him for a while. He’ll come out when he feels comfortable around you again.

why is my cat in heat?

Your cat may be in heat when she is acting strangely, such as scratching herself excessively, rubbing her genitals against furniture, or urinating outside of the litter box. If your cat is in heat, you should keep her indoors until she has given birth. If you do not want to use hormonal contraception, then you can give your cat a shot of progesterone cream.

why is my cat just staring at me?

Your cat is probably looking for food, water, or attention. If he is just staring at you, then he may be hungry or thirsty. Try giving him some food or water, and petting his head gently.

why is my cat leaking poop?

Your cat may be having diarrhea due to a number of reasons, such as eating too much food, drinking too much water, or consuming something toxic. If your cat has been vomiting or passing blood, contact your vet immediately.

why is my cat licking his privates?

Your cat may be having a problem with his penis. If he licks himself excessively, then he could have a medical condition called “genital licking syndrome”. This is when cats lick themselves excessively for no apparent reason. The cause is unknown, but some believe it is related to stress.

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why is my cat limping back leg
Your cat may be suffering from arthritis, which causes pain and stiffness in his joints. Arthritis is common in older cats, and it is often caused by obesity, lack of exercise, or other health conditions. If your cat has been diagnosed with arthritis, he should receive regular veterinary care.

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