why has my cat lost her voice

why has my cat lost her voice?

Cats lose their voices when they are sick. The problem may be due to a virus, allergies, or other health issues. If your cat loses his voice, he may also cough up blood, vomit, or have diarrhea.

why has my cat lost weight?

Your cat may be losing weight due to stress. Cats are prey animals and they need to eat constantly to stay alive. If your cat feels stressed out, he/she may lose weight. Stress also causes cats to urinate more frequently. This could cause your cat to lose weight.

why has my cat pooped in the house?

Your cat may be constipated or he may have eaten something that was too large for him to digest. If you suspect your cat has eaten something that could cause diarrhea, contact your vet immediately.

why has my cat started biting?

Your cat may be trying to tell you something about his health. If he bites you, then you should take him to the vet immediately. Cats bite for different reasons, such as territorial marking, play fighting, or just out of boredom.

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why has my cat started kneading?

Your cat may be kneading because he is trying to communicate with you. Cats use body language to express themselves. When they feel stressed, cats will often start kneading. They do this to try to calm down and relax.

why has my cat started peeing on the carpet?

Your cat may be trying to mark his territory. Cats use urine to communicate with other cats. If he sees another cat urinating, then he will do the same thing. This is called “urine spraying.”

why has my cat still got fleas after treatment?

Your cat may be suffering from flea allergy dermatitis, which causes itching and scratching. The best way to treat this condition is to apply a topical insecticide to the affected area twice daily for two weeks. If this doesn’t work, then try using a spot-on product once daily for one week.

why has my cat stopped cleaning herself?

Your cat may be depressed. Cats often become depressed when they lose their owners, or when they feel abandoned. If your cat seems sad, try giving her some attention. Try petting her, play with her, and give her food treats. Also, talk to your veterinarian about how to help your cat cope with depression.

why has my cat stopped eating all of a sudden?

Your cat may be sick, which could cause him/her to stop eating. If your cat stops eating for no apparent reason, contact your veterinarian immediately.

why has my cat stopped eating and drinking
Your cat may be sick or underweight. If your cat is losing weight, you should contact your vet immediately. A veterinarian can help determine whether your cat needs medical treatment.

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