why don t cats listen

why don t cats listen?

Cats do not listen because they are too busy thinking about what they want to eat next. They also do not understand human language.

why dont cats listen?

Cats do not listen because they are too busy thinking about themselves. They think about what they want, how they feel, and what they need. They also think about what other animals might be doing, and whether they should join them.

why has my cat stopped eating?

Your cat may be sick, or he may just be bored. Cats don’t like change, so if you move him into a new home, or introduce new food, he may refuse to eat for several days. If your cat refuses to eat, try giving him some chicken broth mixed with water. This should help him feel better.

why is chocolate bad for cats?

Chocolate is toxic to cats’ digestive system. The high sugar content causes diarrhea, vomiting, and other gastrointestinal issues. Some brands contain milk derivatives which may cause allergic reactions. If you want to give your cat some chocolate, look for natural treats like peanut butter cups.

why is my cat acting weird all of a sudden?

Your cat may be sick. Cats often act strangely when they are ill. If your cat has been vomiting for several days, has diarrhea, or has lost weight, he may need veterinary care.

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why is my cat attacking me?

Your cat may be trying to protect itself from something. If your cat is acting aggressively towards you, then you should try to identify what is causing him/her to feel threatened. This could include: other animals, household items, or other humans.

why is my cat chewing on plastic?

Cats love to chew on things like plastic bags, toys, and other objects. This behavior is normal for cats, especially kittens. However, if your cat has been doing this for a long period of time, it may be a sign of health issues. If you notice that your cat is chewing on something unusual, contact your vet immediately.

why is my cat coughing and wheezing?

Your cat may be suffering from allergies. If you notice any changes in his behavior, such as scratching himself excessively, sneezing, or having trouble breathing, then contact your vet immediately.

why is my cat eating dog food?

Your cat may be eating dog food because he likes the taste, or maybe he thinks it?s a toy. If your cat has been eating dog food for long periods of time, then you should talk to your vet about what might be causing him to eat dog food.

why is my cat getting skinny
Your cat may be getting skinny because he/she is eating less food. If your cat is losing weight, try adding some new foods to his/her diet. Also, make sure that your cat has plenty of fresh water.

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