why does my cat wheeze when she sleeps

why does my cat wheeze when she sleeps?

Your cat may be suffering from asthma. Asthma is a chronic condition where the airways become inflamed and narrow causing shortness of breath. The cause of asthma is unknown, however, it is thought to be due to allergies, environmental factors such as dust mites, infections, stress, and genetics. Treatment for cats with asthma includes medication and dietary changes.

why does my cat wrap her tail around my arm?

Cats love to be petted. They also like to play games. When they are young, cats often play with toys, such as balls, ropes, and other objects. As they grow older, cats may start to play with humans. If you want to know what your cat likes to do, try asking him or her.

why does my cat’s fur look weird?

Your cat has been sprayed with flea powder, which makes his hair look like he just came out of a snowstorm. If you want to remove the powder from your cat’s coat, use a shampoo that contains baking soda.

why does my cat’s pee smell like fish?

Your cat’s urine smells like fish because she has eaten too much tuna. Cats eat about 1/3 pound of food per day. If your cat eats too much tuna, her urinary tract may become irritated and produce ammonia. This is what makes your cat’s urine smell like fish.

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why does my cat’s pee smell so strong?

Your cat’s urine smells like ammonia because it contains urea which is converted into ammonia when mixed with water. Urine also has other odors such as skatole, putrescine, cadaverine, phenol, indoles, and mercaptans. The odor of urine is caused by bacteria present in the urinary tract.

why does my cat’s tail curl?

Cats’ tails are curled when they’re scared or angry. This is called “tail-wagging” and is a natural response to fear or anger. The tail wags back and forth rapidly, like a pendulum. If your cat is frightened, he may also try to hide his tail.

why does my cats breathing sounds congested?

Your cat may be having respiratory issues due to allergies or other health conditions. If your cat has been coughing for several days, he/she may need to go to the vet.

why does my cats but smell?

Cats do not like water, so they try to avoid getting wet. If you want to stop your cat from smelling, you should use a spray bottle filled with water and spray your cat when he goes near the toilet. This way, your cat will be able to drink water without having to go near the toilet.

why does my cats butt smell?

Your cat may be suffering from anal gland infection. This condition occurs when bacteria enter through the anus and cause inflammation. The anal glands produce a fluid called “feline saliva” which helps keep the area clean and healthy. If your cat has been licking his/her bottom excessively, he/she may also suffer from fleas. Flea infestations can lead to skin irritation and itching. To prevent anal gland infections, wash your cat regularly using a shampoo specially designed for cats.

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why does my cats drool stink
Cats drool because they have a gland called “salivary glands” which produces saliva. The saliva contains bacteria that help them clean themselves. When cats lick themselves, they transfer these bacteria from their mouth to their fur. This causes the smell.

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