why does my cat keep hissing at my other cat

why does my cat keep hissing at my other cat?

Your cat might be jealous of your new pet. Cats often develop territorial instincts when they meet another cat for the first time. If your cat feels threatened by your new cat, he may try to warn you about it by making a loud noise.

why does my cat keep kneading my blanket?

Your cat likes to knead blankets because they feel soft and comforting. Cats like to rub against things that are soft, and blankets are one of those things.

why does my cat keep opening his mouth?

Your cat may be trying to tell you something about his health. Cats often open their mouths when they’re sick, and they also do this when they’re excited or angry. If your cat opens his mouth frequently, he may need to go to the vet for a checkup.

why does my cat keep peeing?

Your cat may be having urinary tract infections. Urinary tract infections are caused when bacteria enters the bladder through the urethra. The symptoms include frequent urination, straining while urinating, blood in urine, and pain during urination. If left untreated, UTIs can lead to kidney damage.

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why does my cat keep play biting me?

Cats are playful animals, and they love to play. They also like to bite when they are feeling playful. If you want to stop your cat from biting, you should try to teach him/her not to bite. Try to give them treats instead of punishing them for biting.

why does my cat keep pooping in the floor?

Your cat may be having diarrhea. If your cat has been eating well and drinking water, then he/she should be fine. However, if your cat is vomiting, has bloody stool, or is losing weight, then your cat needs immediate medical attention.

why does my cat keep puking up hairballs?

Your cat may be suffering from a condition called “hairball” which causes them to regurgitate fur balls. The best way to prevent hairballs is to feed your cat high quality food such as Science Diet or Purina One. If your cat has already developed a hairball problem, then you should consult your veterinarian for advice.

why does my cat keep sleeping?

Your cat may be suffering from stress, anxiety, or depression. If your cat seems depressed, he/she may need some extra attention. Try giving him/her a treat or playtime, and try to spend more time with him/her.

why does my cat keep sleeping next to me?

Cats sleep for 8 hours per day, which means they need to be close to you at night. If you do not want them to sleep near you, then put some blankets around you when you go to bed.

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why does my cat keep spraying in the house
Cats spray when they feel threatened or uncomfortable. If your cat keeps spraying in the house, he may be feeling anxious or stressed out. Try giving him some attention and petting him to calm him down. Also, try using a product called Feliway which helps cats relax.

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