why does my cat have diarrhea outside the litter box

why does my cat have diarrhea outside the litter box?

Your cat has diarrhea when he/she has eaten something that contains too much salt. The excess salt causes water to be excreted from the body, which results in diarrhea. If you want to prevent your cat from having diarrhea, feed him/her only foods that do not contain any added salt.

why does my cat have leg spasms?

Your cat has leg spasms when he/she is having trouble walking. The cause may be due to a problem with his/her back legs. If your cat has leg spasms, then you should consult your vet for advice.

why does my cat have loose belly skin?

Your cat has loose belly skin when he/she is overweight. The excess fat around the stomach area causes the skin to become loose and flabby. If your cat is overweight, then you should start feeding him/her less food and increase his exercise routine.

why does my cat have lumps on her belly?

Your cat has lumps on her belly because she has a tumor. Lumps on cats’ bellies are usually benign tumors called lipomas. Cats often develop these tumors when they rub against something irritating, such as carpet fibers. Lipomas are common in older cats, especially those who spend a lot of time sleeping on the floor. If your cat has lumps on his/her belly, contact your veterinarian immediately.

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why does my cat have nipples?

Your cat has nipples because it is a mammal. Mammals have nipples for milk production.

why does my cat have really long whiskers?

Your cat has long whiskers because they help him feel safe when he is sleeping. Cats use their whiskers to sense movement and vibrations. Long whiskers also help cats to groom themselves and keep them clean.

why does my cat have scabs all over her body?

Scabies is a contagious skin disease caused by mites that burrow into the skin. The condition usually affects cats, dogs, and humans. Cats scratch themselves until they bleed, which causes them to lick their fur, spreading the infection.

why does my cat have terrible breath?

Your cat has bad breath because he/she eats too much food. The bacteria in his mouth produce ammonia which causes bad breath. To prevent this from happening, feed your cat less food, and brush him/her daily.

why does my cat have white gums?

Your cat has white gums when he/she has periodontal disease. This condition occurs when bacteria from plaque build up between teeth and gum tissue, causing inflammation and eventually infection. The best way to prevent this problem is to brush your pet?s teeth twice daily using a soft toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste.

why does my cat jump on the counter
Cats love to play with things they find interesting. They may be curious about what you’re doing, or maybe they want to show off for their owner. If you don’t like cats jumping up on counters, put down some food and watch them go crazy!

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