why does my cat have a lump on his cheek

why does my cat have a lump on his cheek?

Your cat has a lump on his cheek because he has a tumor. Tumors are benign growths that develop from cells that become out of control. The best way to treat a tumor is to remove it surgically. If the tumor is small, then surgery may be all that is needed. However, if the tumor is large, then chemotherapy may also be necessary.

why does my cat have dirty ears?

Your cat has dirty ears because he/she doesn’t clean them properly. Cats’ ears need to be cleaned at least once per week, preferably twice. If you don’t do this, then the ear canal gets blocked and dirt accumulates inside. This causes infections and other health issues.

why does my cat have ear wax?

Earwax is produced by the cerumen glands located inside each ear canal. The purpose of earwax is to protect the inner ear from foreign objects, bacteria, and other debris. Cats produce earwax to keep their ears clean.

why does my cat have flaky skin?

Your cat has flaky skin because he/she is allergic to fleas. Flea bites cause irritation and itching which leads to scratching. This causes dryness and cracks in the skin. The best way to treat your cat for fleas is to use a topical treatment such as Frontline Plus or Advantage Multi.

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why does my cat have flea dirt but no fleas?

Your cat has fleas because he/she is dirty. Fleas live off of dead skin cells and other organic matter. If your cat is clean, then his/her fur won’t be covered in these particles.

why does my cat have gas all the time?

Your cat has gas when he/she has eaten too much food. The excess gas causes him/her to burp and fart. If your cat eats too much dry food, then he/she may also have diarrhea.

why does my cat have scabs on her head?

Your cat has probably scratched herself too much. Scratching causes hair follicles to become irritated and bleed. The blood attracts bacteria which forms a scab. If your cat scratches herself often, she may need to be treated for fleas.

why does my cat have so many scabs?

Your cat has scabs because he/she has been scratching himself/herself too much. Scratching is normal for cats, but excessive scratching can cause skin irritation and infection. If you notice any signs of skin infections such as redness, swelling, pus, or discharge from your cat?s paws, please contact your veterinarian immediately.

why does my cat have to sleep next to me?

Cats need to be close to humans for warmth and security reasons. If they don’t feel safe, they may start scratching furniture and walls. They also like to keep their ears up and look at us when we talk.

why does my cat hide in corners
Cats are curious animals and they like exploring new places. They also love hiding in dark places such as under furniture, behind doors, and in closets. This behavior is called “cowering.” When cats feel threatened, they may cower for protection. However, when they do this, they are usually trying to avoid something bad happening to them.

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