why does my cat eat so much

why does my cat eat so much?

Your cat eats too much because he/she has a high metabolism rate. A cat?s body needs energy to grow and develop, which means they need to consume food at a fast pace. If your cat doesn’t eat enough, his/her body will start breaking down muscle tissue for fuel. This leads to weight gain and eventually obesity.

why does my cat growl?

Cats growl when they feel threatened, angry, or frustrated. They also growl when they want attention from humans. If you hear your cat growling, it means he/she wants something. Try to understand what your cat wants and give it to him/her.

why does my cat have bad breath?

Your cat has bad breath when he/she eats too much garlic, onions, or other strong smelling foods. If you notice your cat has bad breath, try feeding him/her less spicy food, and give him/her some fresh air.

why does my cat lick and bite me?

Your cat may be trying to tell you something. Cats often use their tongues to communicate with humans. They also like to play with their owners’ hair, ears, and hands. If your cat licks and bites you, he might be telling you that he wants attention.

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why does my cat make biscuits?

Your cat makes biscuits because he wants to be loved. He knows that humans like biscuits and he likes to give them to us. If you want to know what kind of biscuit your cat likes, ask him!

why does my cat make biscuits on me?

Your cat makes biscuits on you because he wants to be petted. He may also want to play with his food bowl. Cats like to eat and play at the same time. If you don’t give him attention, he’ll find something else to do.

why does my cat pee outside the litter box?

Your cat may be trying to tell you something. Cats often use urine marking to communicate with other cats, and also to mark territory. If your cat is using the litter box, he may be doing this to let you know that he has found another place to go.

why does my cat poop so much?

Your cat poops because he has to go to the bathroom. Cats do not like to be confined for long periods of time, and they need to relieve themselves. If your cat is constipated, then he may also try to eliminate his waste through other means such as vomiting, urinating outside the litter box, or spraying urine.

why does my cat purr when i pet her?

Cats purr for different reasons. Some cats purr to express happiness, while others do it to attract attention. If you want to know what your cat?s purring means, ask him/her!

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why does my cat put her butt in my face
Cats do this for two reasons: 1. To tell you they’re hungry 2. To show off their cute butt.

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