why does my cat claw me when i pet her

why does my cat claw me when i pet her?

Cats are natural hunters and they like to play with their prey. When you pet them, they feel threatened and try to defend themselves. If you don’t want to be scratched, then give them something else to do instead of petting them.

why does my cat clean himself so much?

Cats are known for being independent creatures who do not like to be told what to do. However, they still need some basic grooming from us. If you want to keep your cat healthy and well groomed, then you should brush him at least once a week. This way he will feel better about himself and his fur will look great!

why does my cat come to me when i cry?

Your cat comes to you when you cry because he wants to comfort you. Cats are very sensitive animals, and they know how to read our emotions. They also want to be near us. If you’re sad, your cat may rub against your leg, purr, or sleep next to you.

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why does my cat cry at the door?

Your cat may be crying for one of two reasons. First, he may be scared when someone comes home. Second, he may be hungry. If your cat cries all the time, then he needs to eat more food.

why does my cat drink a lot of water?

Cats need to drink a lot of water because they lose a lot of water through their skin, urine, and breath. If your cat drinks too much water, it could be dehydrated and become sick.

why does my cat feel hot?

Cats feel hot when they are sick, and the heat from their body helps them to cool down. If your cat feels hot, try giving him some water and a bowl of fresh food.

why does my cat follow me around the house?

Your cat follows you around the house because he wants attention from you. He knows that when you look at him, you will pet him. When you ignore him, he gets upset and starts crying. If you want to stop your cat from following you around the house, you need to give him attention. This means giving him food, playtime, and love.

why does my cat follow me to the toilet?

Your cat follows you to the toilet because he wants to play. Cats like to play fetch, chase balls, and jump through hoops. If you don’t let him do these things, he’ll find another way to amuse himself.

why does my cat growl when i pick her up?

Your cat may be growingl. If he/she is growling at you, then he/she is trying to tell you something. The best thing for you to do is to ignore him/her.

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why does my cat have a fat pouch
Your cat has a fat pouch because he eats too much food. Cats need about 1 pound of dry food per week for maintenance. If your cat eats more than this amount, he will gain weight.

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