why does my cat always have crusty eyes

why does my cat always have crusty eyes?

Your cat has dry eye syndrome which causes his/her eyes to be irritated. The condition usually occurs when the tear glands become blocked due to allergies or other factors. Dry eye syndrome may also occur from using certain medications such as antihistamines or antidepressants. If your cat has dry eye syndrome, he/she should be treated with drops prescribed by a veterinarian.

why does my cat always knock over the water bowl?

Cats love to drink water, and they like to play with things. If you don’t give them something to play with, they’ll find other ways to entertain themselves. The best way to prevent cats from knocking over the water bowl is to put it out of reach.

why does my cat always scratch her ears?

Cats often scratch their ears when they are nervous or anxious. If your cat scratches his or her ears frequently, try using a scratching post instead of furniture.

why does my cat always show me her bum?

Your cat shows you her bum because she wants attention. She knows that you love her and want to play with her. If you ignore her when she tries to show you her bum, then she will be upset and may start showing you other parts of her body.

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why does my cat always sleep on top of me?

Cats like to be close to humans, and they also like to feel safe. If you put them on top of you, they feel protected and secure. This makes them feel comfortable and relaxed, which helps them fall asleep faster.

why does my cat always sneeze?

Cats sneeze when they are stressed out or sick. If your cat has been sneezing for a long period of time, he may be suffering from allergies. To help your cat feel better, try giving him some allergy medication.

why does my cat always try to escape?

Your cat wants to be free from confinement, and he tries to find ways to do so. He may use his claws to scratch at the door, or he may jump up onto the windowsill. If he cannot escape, he will eventually give up and go back into the room.

why does my cat always wake me up at 4am?

Your cat wakes you up at 4am because he wants attention. If you ignore him, he will continue to wake you up until you give him what he wants.

why does my cat attack my legs for no reason?

Your cat may be attacking your legs because he wants attention. If you ignore him, he may start to bite you. So, try to give him some attention when he attacks your legs.

why does my cat bite her tail
Cats often bite their tails when they are nervous or anxious. This behavior is called “tail chasing” and is common among cats. Tail biting is usually harmless, although some cats may be injured from the practice. If your cat bites his tail, try to distract him by petting him, or give him something else to play with.

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