why does male cat pee smell

why does male cat pee smell?

Male cats urinate when they feel threatened or uncomfortable. The urine smells like ammonia because it contains urea which is a waste product from protein metabolism. Urine also has a strong odor due to bacteria present in the bladder.

why does my cat act like he is always starving?

Your cat may be hungry because his stomach needs food. If your cat has been eating well for several days, then he probably just wants some attention from you. Try giving him some treats or playtime instead of feeding him.

why does my cat always look sad?

Your cat looks sad because he/she is lonely. Cats are naturally solitary animals, and they need human companionship. If you don’t spend time with your cat, he/she will be depressed.

why does my cat always sleep beside me?

Cats are creatures of habit, and they like to be near humans. They also like to be close to food sources, which means that they often prefer sleeping next to us when we eat dinner. If you want to keep your cat from sleeping next to you, try putting a blanket between you and your cat.

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why does my cat always want my food?

Cats are natural hunters, and they like to eat what they catch. If you give them something else, they may try to kill it for you. So, when you feed your cat, make sure you put some meat in the bowl.

why does my cat bite me while being petted?

Cats are extremely sensitive creatures, and they do not like to be touched. If you touch them when they are sleeping, they may wake up and start biting you. The best way to avoid getting bitten is to stroke your cat gently, and only when he/she wants to be petted.

why does my cat bleed when she poops?

Your cat may be bleeding from her anus due to a number of reasons, including: poor diet, parasites, anal gland infection, or anal fissures. If your cat has been bleeding for several days, or is having diarrhea, contact your veterinarian immediately.

why does my cat breathe like a dog?

Your cat breathes through his nose, while dogs breath through their mouth. The difference between these two breathing methods is due to evolution. Cats evolved from small carnivorous mammals and they still retain some of those traits. Dogs evolved from wolves and they retained the ability to eat meat.

why does my cat bring me leaves?

Cats love to eat leaves, especially when they are wet. They use them for cleaning themselves and also to keep cool. Leaves contain moisture which cats need to drink. If you don’t want your cat to bring you leaves, then put some litter boxes around the house where they can find fresh leaves.

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why does my cat brush against my legs
Your cat may be trying to tell you something. Cats use body language to communicate with humans. They rub up against our legs when they want us to pet them or play with them. This behavior is called “meowing” and cats do it for different reasons. Some cats meow to get attention, while others meow to let other cats know where they are.

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