why does cat urine smell so bad

why does cat urine smell so bad?

Cat urine smells bad because of ammonia which is produced when cats urinate. The odor is caused by bacteria that live in the cat?s digestive system. When the cat defecates, the bacteria break down the waste into ammonia gas. This gas then travels through the cat?s body and out through the anus.

why does it itch when a cat scratches you?

Cats scratch for different reasons. Some cats scratch to mark territory, others to release tension, while some just like to play. If you want to stop your cat from scratching, try using a spray bottle filled with water and rubbing alcohol. The alcohol will dry up any oil left behind after the cat has scratched.

why does my cat act crazy at night?

Your cat may be acting crazy because he/she has insomnia. Cats need about 12 hours of sleep per day. If your cat doesn’t get enough sleep, he/she may become aggressive and start scratching furniture and other objects.

why does my cat always purr?

Cats purr for different reasons. Some cats purr when they’re happy, some do it to attract attention, and others just like to be petted. If you want to know what makes your cat purr, you need to observe them closely.

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why does my cat always sleep next to me?

Your cat wants to be close to you because he feels safe when you’re around. He also likes to feel like part of the family. Cats are very affectionate animals and they love to cuddle up with their owners.

why does my cat attack me when i pet her?

Your cat may be afraid of you because she has never been touched by another person. If you want to stop your cat from attacking you, try rubbing her belly. This will calm her down. Also, don’t let your cat sleep near you. Cats hate sleeping next to other animals.

why does my cat attack my hand?

Your cat may be attacking your hand because he/she feels threatened. If you pet him/her, he/she may feel safe again.

why does my cat bite and scratch me?

Cats are known for biting and scratching. This behavior is called “dominance aggression.” Your cat may be trying to assert his dominance over you. If he feels threatened, he may try to scare you away from him. He may also want to show off his strength and power.

why does my cat bite so much?

Your cat may be biting because he/she has been abused, or because he/she is stressed out. If you want to stop your cat from biting, you should try to give him/her some attention. Also, you need to keep your cat away from other cats and dogs.

why does my cat chase his tail
Cats chase their tails for fun. They do this because they like to play and feel playful. When cats play, they use their paws to move around and jump up and down. This action causes them to spin around and around, which makes them feel playful.

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