why do old dogs farts smell so bad

why do old dogs farts smell so bad?

Old dogs fart because they have bacteria in their digestive system which produce hydrogen sulfide gas. This gas smells like rotten eggs.

why do older dogs drink lots of water?

Older dogs need to drink more water because they lose muscle mass due to lack of exercise. They also tend to eat less food, which means they need to consume more calories to maintain their weight.

why do other people’s dogs sit on my feet?

Other people’s dogs may be sitting on your feet because they want attention from you. If you don’t like it, then tell them to move their dog off your foot.

why do people say its raining cats and dogs?

Its raining cats and dogs because when it rains, cats and dogs come out from their houses and run around the streets.

why do small dogs lose their teeth?

Small dogs lose their teeth due to genetics. The genes responsible for tooth loss are recessive, meaning they must be inherited from both parents. If one parent has the gene, then the offspring will not inherit the trait.

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why do some dogs eat cat poop?

Some dogs eat cat poop because they like the taste. Other dogs eat cat poop because it helps them digest food. Still other dogs eat cat poop because cats use their urine to mark territory.

why do some dogs like to sleep under the covers?

Dogs love sleeping under the covers because they feel safe and secure. They also love the warmth from the blankets. However, when you put them under the covers, they may be cold and uncomfortable. If you want to keep your dog warm during the winter months, try putting him in a heated bed instead.

why do some dogs not have tails?

Some dogs don’t have tails because they were born without them. Other dogs lose their tails when they are puppies. The tail may grow back later, but it doesn’t always happen.

why do some dogs pee when they get excited?

Dogs do not always urinate when they get excited. Sometimes they just need to go outside to relieve themselves. If your dog has been acting nervous, he may be trying to tell you something. He could be feeling anxious about something, such as a new place or person. This behavior is normal for dogs.

why do the chinese torture dogs
The Chinese torture dogs for fun. They use electric shockers, water cannons, and other methods to torture these dogs. This is done to show off how strong they are.

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