why do dogs eat puppies

why do dogs eat puppies?

Dogs eat puppies because they are hungry. They don’t know any better.

why do dogs eyes get foggy?

Dogs eyes get foggy because they don’t blink as much as humans. The lack of blinking causes tears to dry out and form crystals, which cause the eye to become cloudy. This happens when a dog sleeps for long periods of time.

why do dogs eyes weep?

Dogs eyes weep because they are filled with tears. Tears help keep the eye moist and healthy. The tear ducts are located at the corner of each eye and when they become blocked, the dog has trouble keeping his/her eyes clean.

why do dogs flip over on their back?

Dogs flip over on their backs when they want to go to sleep. This behavior is called somnambulism. When a dog flips over on his/her back, he/she is asleep. The dog may also roll onto his/her side, which is known as lateral recumbency.

why do dogs fold their paws?

Dogs fold their paws when they sleep because they need to keep their feet warm. This helps them stay warm during cold nights.

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why do dogs get bloody noses?

Dogs get bloody noses when they lick their nose after eating something sticky. This happens because the dog has a lot of saliva in his mouth, which gets into his nostrils and causes them to bleed.

why do dogs get clingy?

Dogs get clingy when they sense that something bad is about to happen. When a dog senses danger, he will start to growl, bark, and show his teeth. This behavior is called ?fight or flight? response. If you want to calm down a dog who is getting too excited, try giving him some treats.

why do dogs get excited when i come home?

Dogs get excited when they see you coming home because they know that means food! When you walk into the house, they run up to greet you and jump all over you. They also love to play with toys and chew on things.

why do dogs get fatty masses?

Dogs get fatty masses when they eat too much fat. Fatty masses are called lipomas. They are soft lumps of fat under the skin. Lipomas are usually found around the neck, shoulders, back, and legs. They may be painful and cause discomfort. The best way to prevent them from growing is to feed your dog a healthy diet.

why do dogs get horny
Dogs get horny when they smell another dog?s sexual scent. This happens because the male dog has a gland called the vomeronasal organ which detects pheromones. The female dog also has a similar organ, but it doesn’t detect pheromones. When a male dog smells another dog’s sex hormones, he gets aroused.

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