why do dogs eat cat poop

why do dogs eat cat poop?

Dogs eat cat poop because they are curious about what is inside. They smell the feces and then lick it up. This behavior is called coprophagia.

a man and his cat?

A man and his cat went for a walk one day. The man was carrying some food for the cat when he noticed a large bag of money lying on the ground. He picked up the bag and opened it. Inside were thousands of dollars! “Wow!” said the man. “I’ve never seen so much money at once.”
“What should I do?” asked the cat. “You’re supposed to share it with me,” replied the man. “But I’m hungry too,” protested the cat. “Well, what would you like to eat?” asked the man. “Money!” answered the cat. “Then how about I give you $100 right now, and we’ll go to McDonalds and order two Big Macs?” “OK,” agreed the cat. So they walked into McDonalds and ordered two Big Macs. After eating them both, the cat looked at the man and said, “That was great. Now let’s go home and count my money.”

are foxes cats or dogs?

Foxes are actually members of the dog family, Canidae. They are also known as red foxes, which is why they are often confused with domestic dogs. The fox has a short tail, bushy ears, and long legs. Their fur varies from reddish brown to grayish white.

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are roses toxic to cats?

Roses are poisonous for cats, and they should be kept away from them at all times. If your cat eats any part of a rose, he could suffer from vomiting, diarrhea, and other symptoms. The best way to keep your cat safe is to remove the thorns from the flowers.

are snake plants toxic to cats?

Snake plants are not poisonous for cats, however they do contain chemicals that may cause vomiting and diarrhea. If your cat eats these plants, he could become ill. To avoid any potential health risks, keep your pet away from snake plants.

can cats eat carrots?

Yes, cats can eat carrots. However, they may need to be cut into smaller pieces for them to swallow. Cats also love eating other vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, and cauliflower.

can cats get parvo?

Yes, cats can get Parvovirus, which is a highly contagious disease that causes diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration, and death. The virus is spread through feces and saliva. If you think your cat has Parvo, contact your vet immediately.

can cats have cheese?

Yes, cats can eat cheese. They love cheese!

can cats have strawberries?

Yes, cats can eat strawberries! However, they must be cooked first. The best way to cook them is to boil them for about 10 minutes, then serve them to your cat. If you want to give your cat some fresh strawberries, cut them into small pieces and put them in a bowl. Then, place the bowl near your catÂ’s food dish. Your cat will love eating the strawberries.

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do cats get cold
Cats don’t get cold because they have fur. Fur insulates them from the elements. However, when they go outside, they need to wear sweaters and coats. If you want to keep your cat warm, provide him with a heated bed.

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