why do cats shiver

why do cats shiver?

Cats shiver because they are cold. They need to be kept warm at all times. If you want to keep them warm, then you should put them inside a heated room.

why do cats show you their butt?

Cats show us their butt because they want to be petted. They like when we touch them and rub their fur. When we scratch their back, they purr. This is how they communicate with us.

why do cats sit and stare at you?

Cats like staring at humans because they think we are fascinating creatures. They also like to play with us because they want to be our friend. However, when they start to feel threatened, they may hiss and scratch us.

why do cats sleep on their face?

Cats sleep on their face for two reasons: 1) they don’t want to be disturbed when they’re sleeping 2) they like to look at themselves in the mirror.

why do cats stretch?

Cats stretch for two reasons: 1) they want to play 2) they need to relieve stress. They may also be trying to communicate something to us.

why do cats swat at you?

Cats swat at you because they want attention. They love to play and be petted, and when you try to pet them, they will often swat at you.

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why do cats tails move?

Cats tails move when they are scared or excited. When they are scared, their tail moves up and down quickly. If they are excited, their tail moves back and forth rapidly.

why do cats tap their tails?

Cats tap their tails when they want attention. They also use their tail to swat at insects, and to mark territory.

why do cats want to sleep with you?

Cats love sleeping next to humans because they feel safe and secure. They also like to be close to us because we provide them warmth and security. If you have a cat at home, then you should give him some attention when he wants to cuddle up next to you.

why do cats yell at night
Cats yell at night because they are afraid of something. They may be scared of a burglar, or maybe they are just hungry. If you want to know what scares them, then you should try to find out what makes them nervous.

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