why do cats run around the house at night

why do cats run around the house at night?

Cats love to play outside at night. They like to explore new places and meet other animals. This is called nocturnal activity. Nocturnal activity helps them stay alert and active during the day.

why do cats scrape their bottoms on the floor?

Cats scratch for fun, they like to play. They also use their claws to mark territory. When they’re scratching, they don’t know where they’ll end up. The cat may be marking a spot for itself, or it could be marking a spot for another cat.

why do cats scratch so much?

Cats scratch for two reasons: 1) they need to mark their territory, and 2) they want to be scratched. They also like to play with toys, and they love to eat!

why do cats scratch their ears so much?

Cats scratch their ears because they feel like they need to clean them. They also use their claws to remove dead skin cells from their ears.

why do cats screech?

Cats screech when they are afraid or angry. They also screech when they want attention from other animals.

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why do cats shed their fur?

Cats shed their hair for two reasons: firstly, they need to keep themselves clean, and secondly, they want to protect their skin from getting too hot. The cat?s body temperature is about 100 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas human bodies are usually around 98 degrees Farenheit. When the cat sheds his fur, he is protecting himself from overheating.

why do cats sit on other cats heads?

Cats like to be high up in trees, and they don’t want to fall down. They also like to look at things from above. If a cat falls off a tree, it usually lands on another cat head. This behavior is called “cat sitting.”

why do cats sit on you when you sleep?

Cats like to be close to humans, and they want to feel safe and secure. When you sleep, you become vulnerable, and cats think that sleeping next to you means that you will protect them from danger.

why do cats slaver?

Cats slaver when they are sick or injured, and they also slaver when they are stressed out. The saliva helps them to clean themselves, and it also contains enzymes that help heal wounds.

why do cats sleep at your head
Cats sleep at your head because they want to be close to you. They like to be near you and feel safe when you’re sleeping. If you don’t let them sleep next to you, they’ll start scratching you until you wake up.

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