why do cats like cat grass

why do cats like cat grass?

Cats love cat grass because they think it tastes like chicken. They also use it for grooming purposes. The best way to give them cat grass is to cut some up into small pieces and put it into a bowl. If you want to know how to grow cat grass, then click here.

why do cats like keyboards?

Cats love to play with keyboards because they think it?s fun. They also use them for scratching furniture and other things.

why do cats like pets?

Cats love pets because they are playful and fun. They also provide companionship for them. If you want to know how to train your cat to be friendly, then read our article about how to teach your cat to be friendly.

why do cats like to be up high?

Cats love to be up high because they feel safe from predators. They also enjoy watching birds fly overhead. If you want to keep your cat happy, try putting him/her up high where he/she can watch birds flying above.

why do cats like to chew on plastic?

Cats love to eat things they find interesting. They also love to play with toys. If they find something that looks like food, they will try to eat it. This is why they love chewing on plastic bags.

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why do cats like to eat grass?

Cats love eating grass because they feel better when they are full. They also use their tongue to clean themselves after eating grass.

why do cats massage me?

Cats massage us because they want to be petted. They like when we rub their heads, ears, and backs. This makes them feel relaxed and calm.

why do cats meow in the morning?

Cats meow in the morning because they want to wake up their owners. If you don’t feed them at night, they will go out to look for food during the night.

why do cats not use the litter box?

Cats do not use the litter box because they prefer to urinate outside of the box. They also like to scratch at the box to try to dig out the urine. This behavior causes them to soil the area around the box.

why do cats play fight
Cats play fight for fun, they don’t want to hurt each other. They also play fight to show dominance. If one cat wins, he usually follows up by licking his opponent.

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