why do cats lay on your face

why do cats lay on your face?

Cats like to lie on your face for two reasons: 1. They want to be petted, 2. they want to sleep. If you don’t let them, they’ll just jump up and walk away.

why do cats leave their tongues out?

Cats’ tongues are usually hanging out when they sleep. This is called “tongue sleeping.” The tongue helps keep the cat cool during hot summer days.

why do cats lick each others heads?

Cats love to play with each other. They like to wrestle and roll around on the floor. Sometimes they just want to be close to one another. This is called “cuddling.”

why do cats lick your feet?

Cats like to be petted, and they love when you scratch them behind their ears. They also like to be scratched under their chin, which feels great! If you want to give your cat some extra attention, try scratching his chin. This will let him know he?s doing something right.

why do cats lick your fingers?

Cats lick your fingers for several reasons: they want to be petted, they like the taste of your skin, and they may be trying to remove dirt from your hands.

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why do cats like bags and boxes?

Cats love to play with things they find interesting. They also love to hide things from other animals. So when they see a bag or box, they think it?s fun to jump inside and play around.

why do cats like boxes that are too small?

Cats love boxes that are too small because they feel safe and secure. They also like boxes that are too big because they can hide inside them.

why do cats like laying on you?

Cats love to lay on humans because they feel safe and secure. They also want to be close to us because we provide them with food, warmth, and protection from predators.

why do cats like mice?

Cats love mice because they are small, furry, and tasty. They also help keep the mouse population down.

why do cats like sinks
Cats love water because they are born from water, and they spend most of their lives in water. They also love to bathe themselves, which means they like to be clean.

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