why do cats have a pouch

why do cats have a pouch?

Cats have pouches for two reasons: 1) they store food, 2) they keep them from getting wet when they go outside.

why do cats head bump?

Cats head bumps for fun! They like to play and wrestle with each other. Sometimes they just want to be close together. Head bumps are a way for them to communicate affection and friendship.

why do cats hide?

Cats hide for different reasons. Some cats hide when they are scared, others hide when they want attention, and some cats just like to be alone.

why do cats like plastic bags?

Cats love plastic bags because they are soft and easy to chew on. They also help keep them clean from dust and dirt.

why do cats like their butt scratched?

Cats love to be scratched behind the ears, which stimulates them to purr. This makes them feel relaxed and comfortable.

why do cats like to lay on you?

Cats love to be petted because they feel safe and secure. They also like to be stroked because it feels good for them. When you stroke a cat, he may purr and rub his head against you. If you want to know how to stop cats from scratching furniture, then read our article about cat scratching.

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why do cats play with their prey?

Cats play with their prey for two reasons: 1) they want to eat it, and 2) they want to show off. They play with their prey to show off how strong they are.

why do cats pull their hair out?

Cats pull their fur out when they feel stressed. This is called “trichotillomania” and it is a disorder where the cat pulls his/her hair out. The stress may be caused by changes in the environment, such as moving from one home to another, or it could be due to a medical condition.

why do cats purr when they are dying?

Cats purr when they are about to die because they know that they are going to be saved from suffering. They also purr when they are happy because they feel safe and protected.

why do cats purr when you stroke them
Cats purr when they are feeling relaxed and comfortable. When you pet a cat, she feels like she is getting attention from her owner. This makes her feel loved and cared for, which makes her want to purr.

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