why do cats go crazy for laser pointers

why do cats go crazy for laser pointers?

Cats love laser pointers because they are bright, shiny objects that move around. They also like the sound of the laser pointer moving across the floor. When a cat sees a laser pointer, it thinks it?s chasing something and gets excited. This excitement causes them to jump up and down, which makes them shake and vibrate. The shaking and vibration stimulates their brain, making them feel better.

why do cats groom eachother?

Cats groom each other for two reasons: 1) they like to be clean, 2) they want to show affection. They use their tongues to lick each others’ fur, and they also rub against each other to remove dirt from their coats.

why do cats have attitude?

Cats have attitude because they are independent creatures who don’t like to be told what to do. They also love attention, and when they want something, they let you know about it.

why do cats have seizures before they die?

Cats often suffer from epilepsy, which is a neurological disorder characterized by recurrent unprovoked seizures. The cause of these seizures is unknown, although some evidence suggests that genetics may play a role.

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why do cats have sensitive stomachs?

Cats have sensitive stomachs because they eat meat. Meat contains proteins that cause inflammation in the digestive tract. This causes gas and bloating which makes them feel sick.

why do cats have thumbs?

Cats have thumbs because they are descended from felines, which are descendants of the saber-toothed cat. The saber-tooth cat had long claws for fighting prey, and these were later modified into a thumb.

why do cats head press?

Cats head press for two reasons: 1) they love to play with toys, 2) they like to be petted. The first reason is obvious, but the second one may seem strange at first. However, when you think about it, cats are natural born hunters. They hunt mice and other small animals, and they also chase birds. So, by chasing a toy, they are practicing what they would normally do in real life.

why do cats hiss and growl?

Cats hiss and growl when they feel threatened. This behavior is called “defensive aggression” and is used to protect themselves from predators. If you want to know what causes defensive aggression, read this article: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-cat-in-the-hat/201505/what-causes-feline-aggression

why do cats hiss when they play?

Cats hiss when they play because they want to be dominant. They don’t like to share space with other animals. If you let them win, they’ll stop hissing.

why do cats keep mouth open
Cats are animals that like to eat, drink, sleep, play, and scratch. They also like to be petted and cuddled. When they wake up from sleeping, they usually yawn and stretch. This is when they often open their mouths wide.

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