why do cats follow you around the house

why do cats follow you around the house?

Cats love attention, and they want to be near humans. They also like to play, and they often try to find ways to get into places where they can’t fit through the door. This makes them curious about new things, and they may follow you around the house just to watch what you’re doing.

why do cats go missing for weeks?

Cats go missing for weeks because they are lazy. They don’t want to be bothered with looking for food and water. Instead, they prefer to sleep all day long. If you want to find out where your cat went, try using a tracking device like a GPS collar.

why do cats growl at each other?

Cats growl when they are angry or upset. This behavior is called “feline rage.” The cat may be trying to warn another cat away from something it doesn’t want them to touch.

why do cats have bad breath?

Cats have bad breath because they eat too much food. They also have a lot of bacteria in their mouth which causes them to produce foul smelling gases.

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why do cats have bald spots near their ears?

Cats have bald spots near their ear because they use them for balance when jumping. The hair grows back quickly after the cat jumps.

why do cats have dandruff?

Cats have dandruff because they groom themselves often. They also have hairballs which cause them to vomit. The hairball causes the cat to scratch itself, which creates the dandruff.

why do cats have fur?

Cats have hair because they need protection from the cold. They also use their fur for warmth during winter months.

why do cats have sandpaper tongues?

Cats have sandpaper tongues because they eat sand for breakfast. They lick their paws clean after eating sand, which helps them remove any remaining particles from their fur. This process also removes dead skin cells, dirt, and other debris.

why do cats have slits in their eyes?

Cats have slits in their eye because they use them to focus light onto the retina. The slit helps the cat to focus light into the fovea, which is the part of the retina that allows for high acuity vision.

why do cats have two eyelids
Cats have two eyelids because they need to blink twice for each eye. This helps them keep their eyes moist.

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