why do cats ekekek

why do cats ekekek?

Cats ekekek for two reasons: 1. They want to be petted 2. They want food. If they don’t get what they want, they’ll start scratching at your legs until you give them what they want.

why do cats hiss at you?

Cats hiss when they feel threatened or angry, and they hiss to warn other animals away from them. If you want to avoid getting scratched, don’t approach a cat while it is hissing.

why do cats keep their mouth open?

Cats’ mouths are always open because they need to breathe through their nose. This helps them to cool down when they’re hot.

why do cats kill mice?

Cats kill mice for two reasons: they want to eat them, and they want to play with them. If you don’t feed your cat regularly, he may start killing mice to satisfy his hunger. However, if you let him play with mice, he’ll be less likely to kill them.

why do cats leave gifts?

Cats love to give gifts to humans, and they know how much we appreciate them! They also like to play games with us, and they’re always up for some fun. If you have a cat, then you’ll understand what I mean when I say that they’re just too cute to resist!

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why do cats lick other cats?

Cats like to play with each other. They use their tongues to groom one another and they also use their tongues to play. This behavior is called “licking” and it helps them keep clean.

why do cats like cheese?

Cats love cheese because they are carnivores and it has protein, calcium, and fat. They also like cheese because it smells great!

why do cats like christmas trees?

Cats love Christmas trees because they are filled with food, toys, and other things that they find fun to play with. They also enjoy the smell of pine needles and the sound of bells.

why do cats like laptops?

Cats love laptops because they are quiet and give them a sense of security. They also like to play with them because they are fun and interactive.

why do cats like running water
Cats love running water because they feel safe when they drink from a stream. They also like to play in the water, which makes them feel relaxed.

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