why do cats eat dog food

why do cats eat dog food?

Cats love eating cat food because they think it tastes like chicken. They also like to play with the little plastic toys that come inside the bag.

why do cats eat grass and throw up?

Cats love eating grass because they think it tastes like chicken. When they eat too much grass, they feel sick and throw up.

why do cats eat plants and then throw up?

Cats eat plants for nutritional reasons. They also like to play with them. When they eat too much, they feel sick. This is called indigestion. The cat throws up when he feels sick.

why do cats eat so much?

Cats eat for two reasons: 1) they need energy to run around and play, 2) they love food! They also like to eat things that are high in protein such as meat, fish, eggs, cheese, and nuts.

why do cats eat your hair?

Cats eat your hair because they want to keep themselves clean. They don’t like dirt, and they know that when they lick themselves, they leave behind some of their fur. So, they eat your hair to remove the dirt from their tongue.

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why do cats eyes turn black?

Cats eyes turn black when they age because the iris becomes opaque due to aging. The cat eye color comes from the melanin pigment in the iris.

why do cats fart smell so bad?

Cats fart smell bad because they eat too much fiber. Fiber helps digestion, and when cats eat too much fiber, it causes them to produce gas. The gas comes out through the anal glands, which then smells like cat poop.

why do cats flex their paws?

Cats flex their paws when they are cold. They use their claws to scratch themselves to create heat. This helps them stay warm.

why do cats flick their ears?

Cats flick their ears when they want attention from humans. They also use them to communicate with other cats. Flicking your ears is a sign of submission or submissive behavior. If you’re trying to show dominance, then don’t flick your ears.

why do cats follow you around
Cats love attention from humans, and they like to be petted. They also like to play games, and they like to eat food. When you walk into a room, a cat may follow you around looking for treats. This behavior is called “meowing.”

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