why do cats disappear in the summer

why do cats disappear in the summer?

Cats disappear in the summer because they go out for walks. They like to explore new places and meet new people. If you want them back, just put some food outside and they’ll come running when they smell it.

why do cats do that massage thing?

Cats rub themselves against furniture, walls, and other objects for fun and relaxation. They also use this behavior to communicate with each other. The rubbing motion helps them feel better after they’ve been stressed out or hurt.

why do cats eat boxes?

Cats eat boxes because they are curious about what is inside. They want to know what is inside the box, and then they decide whether or not to open it. If they don’t like what they find inside, they may try to destroy the box.

why do cats eat until they throw up?

Cats eat until they throw up because they are hungry. They don’t know how much food they need to eat. If they ate too little, they would be sick. If they ate too much, they would be full and wouldn’t want to eat anymore.

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why do cats eat wires?

Cats love to play with things they shouldn’t be playing with. They like to chew on electrical cords, which is dangerous for them. If you notice your cat chewing on something, try putting up a barrier between him and the cord. This may help prevent any injuries from occurring.

why do cats eyes go big?

Cats eyes go big when they are tired, hungry, or sick. They also go big when they are about to attack something. The pupils dilate, which makes them look bigger.

why do cats follow you into bathroom?

Cats love to play with water. When they see you taking a shower, they want to join you. They like to jump up on the bathtub and bathe themselves. If you don’t let them in, they’ll just sit outside the door waiting for you to open it.

why do cats get aggressive after petting?

Cats get aggressive when they feel threatened. They may lash out at the person who has been petting them. This behavior is called “feline rage.” The cat may also be trying to tell the owner something about his/her health. If the cat seems agitated, he/she may need veterinary care.

why do cats get bladder infections?

Cats get bladder infections when they urinate outside of the litter box. The bacteria from the cat?s urine gets into the cat?s bladder through the urethra. This causes the bladder to swell up and become painful.

why do cats get uti infections
Cats often get urinary tract infections because they don’t drink water when they go outside. They also tend to urinate frequently which causes bacteria to grow in their urine. The bacteria then travels up into the bladder where it irritates the lining of the cat’s bladder causing inflammation.

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