why do cats cry outside your door

why do cats cry outside your door?

Cats cry outside your door when they want food. They also cry when they are sick, or when they need to go out. If you feed them regularly, then they won’t cry anymore.

why do cats curl their toes?

Cats curl their toes because they want to be comfortable when sleeping. The muscles in the back of the cat?s legs contract to keep the leg straight while the front part of the leg relaxes to allow the foot to bend. This allows the cat to sleep comfortably.

why do cats disappear to die?

Cats disappear to die because they want to be alone and don’t like other animals around them. They also want to sleep all day long and hide from everyone else. The best way to keep your cat alive is to provide plenty of food and water, and give him/her attention when he/she wants it.

why do cats dribble excessively?

Cats dribble excessively when they are nervous or excited. They dribble because they cannot control themselves.

why do cats dump their water?

Cats drink water for hydrating themselves. When they are thirsty, they go to the bathroom to urinate and defecate. They also use the litter box to eliminate waste. If they don’t find something to eat, they may look for water.

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why do cats eat each others vomit?

Cats eat each other?s vomit for two reasons: 1. They are hungry 2. They want to be clean.

why do cats extend their claws when you pet them?

Cats extend their claws when they want to be scratched. This behavior is called “play fighting” and is common among felines. Play fighting usually occurs between two kittens who are exploring each other’s bodies for the first time. The kitten that wins the fight gets to bite and scratch at his opponent’s body until he tires out.

why do cats fart in your face?

Cats fart in your face because they don’t know any better. They just think it’s funny. If you want to stop them from doing it, try putting a towel under your pillow at night.

why do cats get bad breath?

Cats have bacteria in their mouths which produce sulfur compounds when they eat food. These compounds cause bad breath. The best way to prevent bad breath from cats is to feed them dry food instead of wet food. Dry food has less bacteria and fewer sulfur compounds.

why do cats get bloody noses
Cats get bloody noses when they eat grass. Grass contains high amounts of vitamin A which causes them to sneeze.

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