why cats and dogs don t get along

why cats and dogs don t get along?

Cats and dogs do not get along because they both want to be top dog. Dogs think that they should be the only one who gets fed, while cats think that they should be able to sleep wherever they want.

why cats are scared of cucumber?

Cats are afraid of cucumbers because they think they taste like cat food. Cucumbers are actually quite healthy for them, but they don’t know that. They also don’t realize that cucumbers are edible, which is why they try to eat them.

why cats chew on things?

Cats are curious animals, and they like to explore new places and objects. They also love to play with toys, and they do not mind chewing up your shoes or furniture. This behavior is normal for cats, and it is called “chewing.”

why cats die?

Cats die for several reasons, such as old age, illness, accidents, and natural causes. However, the main cause of death is cancer. Cancer is caused when cells mutate and become abnormal. The body then tries to fight off these abnormal cells, which may result in inflammation and scarring. This process leads to tumors, which are masses of abnormal tissue.

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why cats drool when happy?

Cats drool when they are happy because they feel like they need to eat something. They also do it when they’re excited about something new. This behavior is called “play bow.”

why cats follow you everywhere?

Cats follow us because they like our scent. They also like to be around us because we give them food and attention. If you pet them, they will love you back.

why cats go crazy?

Cats go crazy when they smell something new. They also go crazy when they feel threatened. When they are scared, they may start to run around frantically, meowing loudly, and scratching at doors and windows. This behavior is called “scratching.”

why cats have teary eyes?

Cats have teary eyes because they are sad. They cry when they are feeling stressed out, lonely, or bored. When a cat cries, it means that he/she needs some attention from his/her owner.

why cats lick plastic?

Cats love licking things. They like to clean themselves, they like to play with toys, and they like to eat food. Licking things is one of the ways they communicate with each other. When a cat licks something, he is trying to tell his owner that he wants to be petted. He may also want to show affection for another cat or person.

why cats like plastic
Cats love plastic because they think it looks like food. They also like to play with toys made out of plastic. Plastic is safe for them to chew on, unlike other materials such as wood which could cause choking hazards.

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