why are there so many stray dogs in turkey

why are there so many stray dogs in turkey?

Turkey has a large number of stray dogs because they are fed by locals who do not want them to eat their food. This leads to a lot of dog fights, which results in the death of these dogs.

why buy a purebred dog?

Buying a purebred dog is a great way to show off your love for your pet. Purebred dogs are healthier than mixed breeds, and they usually come from a long line of pedigree dogs. They also tend to be less expensive than mixed breed dogs.

why can chocolate kill dogs?

Chocolate contains caffeine which has been known to cause seizures in dogs. This may be due to the high sugar content of chocolate.

why can i see my dogs breath?

When you look into the mirror, you can see your breath because air molecules move faster when they hit your skin. However, when you look at someone else, you cannot see their breath because the air molecules do not move fast enough to be visible.

why can t my dog sleep through the night?

Dogs need at least 8 hours of sleep per 24 hour period. If they don’t get enough sleep, they may become tired, cranky, and irritable. Some dogs also suffer from insomnia, which means they wake up frequently during the night.

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why can t my dog walk on his back legs?

Your dog has a condition called hip dysplasia. This means that one of his hips is out of alignment. The problem is that he cannot put weight on his leg while standing up. He needs surgery to correct the problem.

why can t my dog walk straight?

Your dog may be having trouble walking straight because he has hip dysplasia, which causes his hips to become misaligned. Hip dysplasia is common among dogs, especially large breeds like Great Danes. The condition usually occurs when a puppy is still growing and developing, and the bones in his hips don’t grow together properly. If left untreated, hip dysplasia can cause pain, lameness, and arthritis.

why cats and dogs fight?

Cats and dogs fight for several reasons, such as territoriality, food, and mating. Territoriality is one of the main reasons why they fight. When two animals meet, they must decide who owns the territory. If they do not agree, then they may start fighting. The winner usually takes control of the area, which means he/she has access to food and mates.

why clicker training for dogs?

Clicker training for dogs is a great way to teach your dog new commands. The best part about clicker training for dogs is that it is fun! Clicker training for dogs is also a great way to bond with your pet.

why did dog the bounty hunter move to colorado
Dog the Bounty Hunter moved to Colorado because he wanted to be closer to his family. He also wanted to live in a place where he could hunt for elk and deer.

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