why are my cats throwing up their food

why are my cats throwing up their food?

Cats throw up their food when they feel sick. They may also vomit after eating too much, or if they eat something that doesn’t agree with them. If your cat throws up his food, he needs medical attention immediately.

why cats get uti?

Cats get UTI when they drink too much water. They also tend to eat dry food which has high fiber content. This causes them to produce large amounts of waste which needs to be eliminated through urination. If they don’t eliminate the waste, then bacteria from the urine gets into the bladder causing infection.

why cats poop on carpet?

Cats do not like to walk on carpets, so they use litter boxes instead. When they go outside, they usually choose to use a spot where there is grass, dirt, or sand. If you want to keep your home clean, you should try to avoid using carpets.

why cats urinate on bed?

Cats do this for several reasons. The first one is that they like to mark territory. This is done by spraying urine on walls, furniture, and other objects. Another reason is that they want to keep their claws sharp. They also use urine to mark their territory when they’re fighting with another cat. Finally, cats may urinate on beds because they feel uncomfortable sleeping on them.

do birds eat cats

why do cats like cat treats?

Cats love cat treats because they taste delicious, smell great, and look cute. They also help keep them healthy and active.

why do cats love catnip so much?

Cats love catnip because they are attracted to the smell of catnip. The scent stimulates them to rub against objects, which helps keep them clean. Catnip also has a calming effect on cats, making them less stressed out.

why do i need a prescription for cat food?

If you want to feed your cat healthy foods, then you should choose a premium brand of dry kibble. This way, you avoid feeding them cheap canned foods which contain too much salt and other additives. Dry kibbles also provide your cat with essential vitamins and minerals that they cannot obtain from canned foods.

why do older cats lose weight?

Older cats tend to lose weight due to age related health issues such as kidney disease, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, and heart disease. The best way to prevent weight loss is to keep your cat healthy and active. Make sure they eat high quality food and exercise daily.

why does cat puke all the time?

Cats are known for having bad breath. This is caused by bacteria that live in the mouth. When cats eat food, they swallow air along with the food. The bacteria in the mouth then produce gas which comes out through the nose.

why does my cat have blood in her urine
Your cat may be experiencing a urinary tract infection, which is caused by bacteria entering the bladder through the urethra. The bacteria multiply inside the bladder causing inflammation, and then they exit through the urethra into the urine stream. If your cat has been drinking water from a bowl, she may also be urinating outside of the litter box, which could cause the bacteria to enter the bloodstream.

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