why are cats feminine and dogs masculine

why are cats feminine and dogs masculine?

Cats are feminine because they are born with a large head and small body. Dogs are masculine because they were bred for hunting and guarding.

why are cats microchipped?

Cats are microchipped for two reasons: 1) to prevent them from getting lost, 2) to help reunite them with their owners when they go missing. The microchip is implanted under the skin between the shoulder blades. If a cat gets lost, the owner can scan the chip at any veterinary clinic using a handheld scanner. This allows the vet to locate the cat quickly.

why are cats obsessed with boxes?

Cats love boxes because they provide them with shelter from the elements, and also give them something to play with. They also like to hide inside boxes for hours at a time, which gives them plenty of opportunity to groom themselves.

why are cats scared of fireworks?

Cats are afraid of fireworks because they think they might explode. This fear is based on the fact that firework explosions create loud noises that resemble gunshots.

why are cats so attracted to catnip?

Cats love catnip for two reasons: 1) it smells like food, and 2) it has a high concentration of chemicals called _cathinones_ which makes them feel relaxed and sleepy. The catnip plant produces these chemicals naturally, and they are released when the leaves are crushed.

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why are cats so good at catching mice?

Cats are great at catching mice because they have a natural instinct for hunting prey. They use their whiskers to detect vibrations in the air, which helps them locate small rodents. The cat?s eyesight is also excellent, allowing it to spot movement from far away.

why are cats so small?

Cats are small because they evolved from dogs. Dogs were larger than cats, but when humans started hunting them for food, they became smaller.

why are dogs haram but not cats?

Dogs are considered Haram in Islam because they were created from clay, while cats were created from mud. This means that dogs are closer to God than cats.

why are my cats ears itchy?

Cats’ ears itch when they are infected with ear mites. Ear mites are tiny parasites that live in the outer layer of the cat’s ear canal. They feed off dead skin cells and hair follicles. The symptoms include scratching at the affected area, excessive licking and rubbing, and redness around the base of the ear.

why are my cats eyes fully dilated
Cats eyes are fully dilated when they are tired, sleepy, or sick. This happens because the pupils contract to allow less light into the eye. If your cat has been sleeping for a long period of time, he may be suffering from conjunctivitis, which causes his eyes to become red and swollen.

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