why are cats clean

why are cats clean?

Cats are clean because they spend all day grooming themselves. They also use their tongues to remove dirt from their fur.

why are cats crazy for catnip?

Cats love catnip because they think it tastes like chicken. When cats eat catnip, they release chemicals into their bloodstream which makes them feel relaxed and sleepy. This is why cats often fall asleep while eating catnip.

why are cats dangerous during pregnancy?

Cats are dangerous during pregnancy because they may cause miscarriage, premature labor, and stillbirth. If pregnant women want to keep their kittens, they should avoid cat ownership until after delivery.

why are cats frightened of cucumbers?

Cats are afraid of cucumbers because they think they taste like cat food.

why are cats so long?

Cats are so long because they have a lot of bones in their bodies. Their skeletons are made up of 206 bones, which makes them longer than dogs who only have 150 bones. The length of a cat?s body also helps them move around easily.

why are cats so weird at night?

Cats are nocturnal animals, which means they sleep during the day and wake up at night. They also use their whiskers to feel around for food and other objects. This makes them very sensitive to light, sound, and temperature changes.

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why are cats terrified of cucumbers?

Cats are afraid of cucumber because they think it is poisonous. They also don’t like the smell of cucumbers.

why are dogs nicer than cats?

Dogs are much friendlier than cats. They are also more loyal and protective. Cats are independent and do not like to be held back. However, they are still friendly and love attention.

why are ginger cats usually male?

Ginger cats are usually male because they have a gene called SRY, which makes them develop testicles. The gene is located on chromosome 46, and is responsible for the development of the gonads.

why are grapes bad for cats
Cats love grapes, but they hate the seeds inside them. Grapes contain tannins which are toxic to cats. If you want to feed your cat grapes, cut off the stems first.

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