who wrote smelly cat

who wrote smelly cat?

The author of smelly cat is Tom Scott. He was born in 1967 in England. He has written several books, including “The Smell of the Internet” and “Smelly Cat”. He lives in London.

why am i seeing cats that aren t there?

Cats are invisible to humans, they are also invisible to cameras. They are ghosts. If you want to see them, try using night vision goggles.

why are cats eyes reflective?

Cats eyes reflect light because they have a layer of transparent tissue called “cornea” which has a high concentration of microscopic structures called “spherical bodies”. These spherical bodies scatter light like tiny mirrors. The result is that when light hits the eye, it bounces off these microscopic mirrors, and reflects back into our eyes. This makes us see things in bright colors.

why are cats eyes vertical?

Cats eyes are vertical because they are the easiest way to create a strong visual impact. The human eye naturally focuses on objects at the center of our field of vision, which is why we tend to look straight ahead when driving. When looking down, we focus on the ground directly below us, and when looking up, we focus on the sky above us. This means that when we look at something from the side, we are forced to refocus our eyes upwards, making the object appear smaller.

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why are cats nocturnal?

Cats are nocturnal animals because they need to sleep during the day. They also use their eyes for hunting prey at night.

why are cats smarter than dogs?

Cats are smart because they have evolved from wild animals who hunt for food. They are also able to adapt to humans and other domestic animals. Dogs are domesticated animals who were bred to be loyal companions.

why are cats so annoying?

Cats are annoying because they like to scratch things, jump up on counters, and sleep all over the place. They also tend to be loud and obnoxious.

why are cats weird?

Cats are weird because they are independent creatures who don’t need us humans for anything. They are also very smart and have a lot of energy. This makes them fun to be around, but also challenging to live with.

why are most orange cats male?

Most orange cats are male because they have a recessive gene for orange fur. Orange cats are also known as “orange tabby” or “tabby cat”. The color orange is caused by a mutation in the melanocortin 1 receptor gene. This gene is located on chromosome 6.

why are my cats whiskers falling out
Cats’ whiskers fall out when they are old, sick, stressed, or injured. Whisker loss may also be caused by genetic factors. If your cat has lost his whiskers, he may feel uncomfortable and try to rub against things to cover up the missing hair.

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