what’s the matter cat got your tongue

what’s the matter cat got your tongue?

The matter cat got my tongue is a phrase used when someone says something they shouldn’t say. This phrase was popularized by comedian Bill Hicks who said “The only difference between cats and dogs is that dogs know how to sit up.”

what’s the normal temperature of a cat?

A cat?s body temperature is usually between 100øF and 102øF. The average human body temperature is 98.6øF.

what’s the oldest cat on record?

The oldest cat on record was named “Tuxedo” and lived for 18 years. He was born in 1930 and died in 1948. His owner was a woman named Mrs. Mabel H. Smith who owned a pet store in New York City. Tuxedo weighed about 15 pounds when he died at age 18.

what’s the oldest cat that ever lived?

The oldest cat that ever lived was named “Tiddles” and he lived for 18 years. He was born in England in 1785 and died in 1883. Tiddles was a black and white domestic shorthair who belonged to the Earl of Sandwich.

what’s wrong with my cat quiz?

Your cat quiz is not working because you did not include the correct answer for each question. The correct answers are: 1. ?What?s wrong with my cat quiz?? 2. ?My cat has been acting weird lately.?? 3. ?I don?t know why my cat keeps doing this.? 4. ?Why do I keep getting these questions from my cat??? 5. ?My cat is always asking me about my job.? 6. ?My cat just asked me if

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when a cat hisses at you?

When a cat hisses at someone, it means that he wants something from them. If you want to know what they want, you should ask them.

when a cat sneezes blood?

When a cat sneezes, it usually has something stuck up its nose. If it happens to be blood, then it could be a sign of a serious illness such as leukemia. However, if the cat is healthy, then it may just be mucus.

when a cat trusts you?

A cat trusts you when he/she looks at you for approval. If you look away from them, they will start looking around for someone else who will give them attention. This is why cats are always looking at us while we are talking to them.

when are cats born?

Cats are born between March and April. They usually give birth at night, and they nurse for about two weeks. After that, they start eating solid food.

when can a kitten eat adult cat food
A kitten should be fed adult cat food from around 6 weeks old. The best way to feed kittens is to use a small bowl filled with kibble. Kittens need about 1/4 cup per 100 pounds of body weight each day.

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