what’s the black stuff in my dog’s ear

what’s the black stuff in my dog’s ear?

The black stuff in your dog’s ear is wax. When dogs lick themselves they often lick their ears too. This causes them to produce excess earwax which gets stuck in their ear canal. If you notice something black in your dog’s ear then you should clean it out immediately.

what’s the difference between large breed dog food and regular?

Large breed dogs require a higher protein diet than small breeds. This means they need more calories per pound of body weight than smaller dogs. The best way to feed them is to give them a high quality dry food like Science Diet Adult Small Breed Puppy Dry Food.

what’s the grinch’s dogs name?

The Grinch’s dog was named Max. He was a large, shaggy, brown dog who loved Christmas. One year, he went missing during the holiday season. His owner searched everywhere for him, but couldn’t find him. Finally, she gave up hope and decided to put out some food for Santa Claus’ reindeer. She hoped they would lead her home to Max. But when she looked out the window, she saw something strange — a big, ugly man dressed all in red! He had a long nose, a pointy hat, and a beard. And he was eating all of her cookies!

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what’s the normal dog temperature?

The normal body temperature for dogs is between 100øF and 102øF. If your dog has a fever, contact your veterinarian immediately. Dogs who are sick should be taken to the vet right away.

what’s too cold for dogs to be outside?

Dogs need to be kept inside during winter months. The temperature should be around 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and they should be able to stay in one place. If they are left outside for long periods of time, they may become sick from exposure to extreme temperatures.

what’s used to euthanize a dog?

There are several methods for euthanasia, such as injection, suffocation, and decapitation. The method depends on the size of the animal, and whether they are conscious when killed.

when a dog exposes his belly?

When a dog exposes his belly he is saying “I am hungry” or “I need food”. This is why dogs are always looking for food.

when a dog has worms what are the symptoms?

Symptoms of worms include diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss, and weakness. If you notice any of these symptoms in your dog, then it could be suffering from worms. Worms are usually found in puppies under one year old, however they can also affect older dogs.

when a dog keeps shaking his head?

This behavior is called “whisker flicking” and is usually associated with dogs who are trying to tell us something. The problem is that we don’t understand what they want. Whisker flicking is a sign of stress, fear, or anxiety. If you notice your dog doing this, try to calm him down by petting him gently and talking to him softly.

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when a dog licks their paws
When a dog licks his/her paws, he/she is cleaning them. This is called self grooming. Some dogs do this all the time, while others only do it occasionally.

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