what would make a cat drool

what would make a cat drool?

A cat drooling is when a cat licks his mouth while he sleeps. This behavior is called “sleeping tongue.” If you want to know why cats do this, then click here.

what you need when adopting a cat?

A cat needs food, water, litter box, toys, scratching post, and a bed. If you want to adopt a cat, you should find out where they come from and how old they are. Cats also need love and attention, and you should be able to provide them with both.

what your cat does when you re not home?

Your cat does not care about you when you are away from home. He just wants food, water, and shelter. If he has these three things, then he is happy. However, if he doesn’t have them, then he becomes depressed. This is why cats need to be fed regularly, and they should always have access to fresh water.

what your cat is really saying?

Your cat is telling you that he wants to go outside. He may also be trying to tell you that he needs to use the bathroom. If your cat doesn’t want to go out, he’ll probably scratch at the door until you let him out. If your cat isn’t feeling well, he might meow loudly for attention.

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what’s good to keep cats away from garden?

Cats should be kept away from gardens because they may destroy plants. If you want to keep them out of your garden, then put up some barriers such as fences or walls.

what’s it called when cats knead?

It’s called “kneading” and it’s a natural behavior for cats. They use their paws like hands to push and pull at things they want to play with.

what’s it mean when a cat’s nose is dry?

When a cat’s nose is wet, it means that he/she has been licking his/her face. This is normal behavior for cats, who use their tongues to clean themselves. If a cat’s nose is completely dry, then he/she may be sick.

what’s the difference between spaying and neutering cats?

Spaying and neutering cats is important for both health reasons and to prevent unwanted kittens from being born. The procedure also prevents them from getting pregnant again.

what’s the largest breed of domestic cat?

The largest breed of domestic cats is the Maine Coon. They weigh between 20 and 30 pounds and stand about 18 inches tall at the shoulder.

what’s the longest a cat has ever lived
The longest a cat has ever been recorded living was 15 years old. This record was set in 2011 when a cat named “Tuxedo” died at age 16. He had been adopted from a shelter in New York City at age 4 months, and then went to live with his owner in California. Tuxedo was found dead in his home after he stopped eating and drinking water for several days. His owners believe he may have gotten into something toxic.

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