what scents are safe for cats

what scents are safe for cats?

The best way to keep your cat from smelling bad is to use a product called Feliway. This product works by mimicking the smell of your cat?s mother. If you want to learn more about how to stop your cat from smelling bad, check out our blog post here.

what shots do cats need yearly?

A cat needs annual shots for Rabies, Distemper, Feline Leukemia Virus, and Bordetella. The first two are preventative measures, while the last two are vaccinations against diseases that can be transmitted from cat to human.

what should a cat’s temperature be?

A healthy cat?s temperature should be between 100.5øF and 102øF. If your cat has a fever, he may need medical attention.

what temperature should a cat be?

A cat should be kept at a temperature between 20øC and 25øC. This temperature range is ideal for cats because they don’t like cold temperatures. If your cat gets too hot, he may become dehydrated, which could lead to heatstroke.

what to do for a cat with a cold?

If your cat has a cold, you should give him some chicken soup. Chicken soup contains vitamin A which helps fight infections. Also, give him a warm blanket and keep him away from other cats.

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what to do if cat has fleas?

If you find a cat with fleas, try to remove them immediately. Flea infestations can be treated with insecticides such as Advantage? Plus or Frontline?, which should kill adult fleas for up to three weeks. Be careful when using these products, however, since they may cause serious health issues if used improperly.

what to do if cat is constipated?

If your cat has been constipated for several days, he may be suffering from a blockage in his digestive tract. This could be caused by eating too much dry food, which is high in fiber and can cause diarrhea. Try switching him to wet food, which contains less fiber and fewer calories. Also try giving him some water mixed with Pedialyte, a liquid nutritional supplement designed specifically for cats.

what to do if your cat has a cold?

If your cat has a cold, try giving him some chicken soup. Chicken soup contains zinc which helps fight off viruses. Also, give him plenty of rest and keep his temperature down.

what to do if your cat is choking?

If your cat is choking, try to remove any objects from his mouth. If he still cannot breathe, call 911 immediately. Do NOT attempt to perform CPR on your cat.

what to do when your cat catches a mouse
If your cat catches a mouse, don’t try to catch it yourself. Instead, put the mouse in a box and leave it outside for the next person who comes along. The next person may be able to find the mouse and release it back into the wild.

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