What is the salary of Cdpo?

What is the salary of Cdpo?

BPSC CDPO Salary 2021
Salary Elements Amount Pay Band PB- (9300 to 34800) Pay Scale Rs 53100-Rs 167800 Grade Pay 5400 Basic Salary Rs 53100

What is qualification of Cdpo?

The APSC CDPO eligibility is the candidate must be a graduate from the science, commerce or arts stream, from a recognised university, apart from one of the below-mentioned qualifications: A postgraduate degree or diploma in anthropology/criminology, sociology/labour, and social welfare or social work.

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What is the role of Cdpo?

The Child Development Project Officer (CDPO) is a functionary in charge of Block-level implementation of the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS), a flagship scheme of the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India. The CDPO plays a key role in overseeing the implementation of the scheme.

Who is Cdpo officer?

A CDPO officer is one who is appointed in all states. CDPO?s work is to improve the physical and mental health of children and pregnant women.

How can I prepare for Cdpo exam?

BPSC CDPO Preparation Tips for Preliminary Exam 2021
Read newspapers. This is the first habit that you will need to develop as you begin with BPSC CDPO preparation tips. Practice sample question papers. Refer to various reference books while preparing for the exam. Refer to the syllabus while preparing for the exam.

What is Cdpo exam?

Subject-Wise BPSC CDPO Syllabus 2021 This is a highly competitive exam held to select the applicants for the Bihar Social Welfare department across the state of Bihar. Hence all aspirants preparing for BPSC CDPO Exam 2021 must be very well aware of the Exam Pattern and BPSC CDPO Syllabus.

What is Cdpo Bihar?

Mannu. Download BPSC CDPO Admit Card 2021 at bpsc.bih.nic.in website ? Check Bihar Child Development Project Officer Exam Date 2021 Notice ? Latest News. Bihar Public Service Commission had advertised the recruitment for 55 posts of Child Development Project Officer in the state.

Does Bihar Cdpo have negative marking?

Is there a negative marking in the BPSC CDPO Prelims exam?

There is no information regarding negative marking in any of the exams.

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Which is the full form of CdPo in India?

It is a government job aimed at developing children below six years of age in India and providing nutritious facilities to pregnant women. The full form of CDPO is a child development project officer. So if you also want to get complete information about Acts of CDPO and How to prepare CDPO, then let us know in detail about it.

What does it mean to be a CdPo officer?

A CDPO officer is one who is appointed in all states. CDPO?s work is to improve the physical and mental health of children and pregnant women.

By working in this field, you can work in the interest of your country, which will lead to internal and external development in the country.

What is the role of CdPo in ICDs?

CDPO is responsible for the organisation and administration of services and implementation of this scheme at the field level. ICDS is a Government of India sponsored programme and is a primary social welfare scheme to tackle malnutrition and health problems in children below 6 years of age and their mothers in India. ?CDPO?. FullForms.

How old do you have to be to take the CdPo exam?

To apply to CDPO, the candidate must have a graduation degree from any recognized university. The age of the candidate must be between 18 and 37 years. At the same time, relaxation is prescribed for reserved category candidates. Next, you have been told about the syllabus of the CDPO Exam, which will help you in preparing for the CDPO Exam.

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