What is the difference between T12 and T8 ballast?

What is the difference between T12 and T8 ballast?

The have small pins on each end that fit into the ballasts located in light fixtures. T12 lamps have a diameter of 1 « inches (or 12/8th of an inch.) T8 lamps are fluorescent lights one inch (or 8/8ths) in diameter.

What to do with the yellow wires on a ballast?

If you did not remove the baluster, just connect the bulb. The 2 yellow wires go to the white neutral on one side of the fixture. Colors of the wire don?t mater after the hot and neutral go into the fixture. Once you remove the ballasts, the colors of the wires don?t matter.

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Which is brighter T8 or T12?

The Standard T12 lamp produces 2,650 initial lumens per lamp. The standard T8 produces 2,800 initial lumens per lamp, 6% brighter. But the standard T12 lamp produces 2,300 design lumens and the T8 produces 2,660 design lumens.

Is it safe to use a T8 fixture with a T12 ballast?

As far as safety is concerned, you can exchange them. If you place T12 tubes in a fixture with a T8 ballast, you will wear out the ballast and have to replace it. If you place T8 tubes in a fixture with a T12 ballast, then the tubes will have a shorter life due to a higher current through the tube.

How many Watts Does a T12 bulb pull?

A t12 ballast is a reference that essentially refers to the size of the tube of the florescent bulb that is being used. T12 tubes pull 40 watts, and are frequently being replaced with lower wattage t8 tubes, which operate on 32 watts.

How much does it cost to replace a T8 light?

Ballasts are not necessarily expensive; you can find a t8 ballast for under 20 dollars. Even if you have many that need replacement, this still does not amount to a huge expense.

When is the best time to replace a ballast?

Since you will not have light from the lamp at that time, you should replace the ballast during the day when there is natural light coming into the room from the sun. You may also want to use a flashlight if necessary. You should see a plastic diffuser shield, which is used to help spread the light.

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What is the difference between summer sausage and regular sausage?

Summer sausage, as mentioned, is a semi-dry sausage; it loses around 15 percent of its original moisture during aging. While salami can be considered a type of summer sausage, it generally loses about 25 percent of its original moisture during aging, making it a dry sausage.

Why is summer sausage so good?

Dried or smoked, the tangy taste is typically a result of it being a fermented sausage with a low pH that slows the growth of bacteria, so it doesn?t need to be refrigerated. This results in a meat roll that has a greater resistance to spoilage, especially in the hot summer sun.

Why do they sell summer sausage in the winter?

?We started using preserving techniques to make sure we could have that meat long into the summer months when we?re working outside and need something we can eat fast. You would make summer sausage in the late fall and preserve it so that way you could still have beef in the summer.

What is the most common sausage in the US?

Bratwurst ? Bratwurst ? is a common type of sausage in the United States which was originally brought to North America by German immigrants.

Will summer sausage go bad?

According to the chart, an unopened summer sausage can last for up to 3 months in a refrigerator. After being opened, the semi-dry sausage can last for around 3 weeks in a refrigerator and within 1-2 months in a well-regulated freezer.

How long is summer sausage good after opening?

TYPE OF SAUSAGE REFRIGERATOR ? UNOPENED REFRIGERATOR ? AFTER OPENING Hard/Dry Sausage Whole, 6 weeks in pantry; indefinitely in refrigerator 3 weeks Hot Dogs and other Cooked Sausage 2 weeks 7 days Luncheon meat 2 weeks 3 to 5 days Summer Sausage (Semi-dry) 3 months 3 weeks

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How bad is summer sausage?

While summer sausage is not toxic, it?s not a recommended source of protein for your dog as it contains unhealthy levels of salt and fat. Summer sausage may also contain seasonings that are toxic to dogs including onion or garlic powder.

What is a summer sausage?

Summer sausage is an American term for any sausage that can be kept without refrigeration until opened. Summer sausage is usually a mixture of pork and other meat such as beef or venison.

What kind of sausages do they serve at Christmas?

?They have lots of their wurst or sausages, especially summer sausage-type sausages, at Christmas. They?ll slice it and serve it up. It?s really easy for gatherings or parties or if you?re at a public house.? Like Peisker, Hamm also makes a more contemporary connection between the holiday season and summer sausage.

What kind of bacteria is in summer sausage?

Finally, summer sausage contains lactic acid produced by the addition of sugar and lactobacillus bacteria, the same bacteria often used as starter in yogurt, cheese, sauerkraut, pickles, beer, cider, kimchi, and cocoa. This final process is called lactic acid fermentation, and while it inhibits the growth?

What kind of sausage can you keep without refrigeration?

Summer sausage is defined as ?a type of hard dried and smoked sausage that is similar to salami in preparation and can be kept without refrigeration.

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