What is the difference between restore point and guaranteed restore point?

What is the difference between restore point and guaranteed restore point?

Guaranteed Restore Points Like a normal restore point, a guaranteed restore point serves as an alias for an SCN in recovery operations. A principal difference is that guaranteed restore points never age out of the control file and must be explicitly dropped.

How do I restore my guaranteed restore points?

To restore your database to a guaranteed restore point, follow the steps below:
$> $> sqlplus / as sysdba; SQL> select current_scn from v$database; SQL> shutdown immediate; SQL> startup mount; SQL> select * from v$restore_point; SQL> flashback database to restore point CLEAN_DB; SQL> alter database open resetlogs;

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How do you flashback database to guaranteed restore points?

SQL> alter database flashback on; Database altered. You can create a guaranteed restore point as follows. SQL> create restore point before_open guarantee flashback database; Restore point created. When we want to flash back to any point of database, we will use this restore point.

How does a flashback database work?

Use the FLASHBACK DATABASE command to rewind the database to a target time, SCN, or log sequence number. This command works by undoing changes made by Oracle Database to the data files that exist when you run the command. Flashback can fix logical failures, but not physical failures.

How do I check my guaranteed restore points?

You can also use the following query to view only the guaranteed restore points: SQL> SELECT NAME, SCN, TIME, DATABASE_INCARNATION#, GUARANTEE_FLASHBACK_DATABASE, STORAGE_SIZE FROM V$RESTORE_POINT WHERE GUARANTEE_FLASHBACK_DATABASE=?YES?; For normal restore points, STORAGE_SIZE is zero.

How do I find my restore points?

Press Windows + R keys together on the keyboard. When the Run dialog box opens, type rstrui and hit Enter. In the System Restore window, click on Next. This will list all available system restore points.

Can we create restore point in standby database?

Enabling the Physical Standby Oracle Database Create a restore point at the point in time the standby needs to be restored to.

How do I enable flash recovery area?

To enable the flash recovery area, you must set the two initialization parameters DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST_SIZE (which specifies the disk quota, or maximum space to use for flash recovery area files for this database) and DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST (which specifies the location of the flash recovery area).

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How do I know if flashback is enabled?

Use the following command to check if Flashback Database is enabled for your target database: SELECT FLASHBACK_ON FROM V$DATABASE; To enable Flashback Database: Ensure that you configure a fast recovery area and that the database is running in ARCHIVELOG mode.

How can you determine if the database is a flashback mode?

What can a guaranteed restore point be used for?

Guaranteed Restore Points Feature. A restore point can be used to flash back a table or the database to the time specified by the restore point without the need to determine the SCN or timestamp.

How to Flashback Database to guaranteed restore point?

You can create a guaranteed restore point as follows. SQL> create restore point before_open guarantee flashback database; Restore point created. When we want to flash back to any point of database, we will use this restore point.

How to create a restore point before upgrade?

SQL> CREATE RESTORE POINT before_upgrade; Restore point created. This example shows how to create a guaranteed restore point: SQL> CREATE RESTORE POINT before_upgrade GUARANTEE FLASHBACK DATABASE; Restore point created.

What?s the storage size of a restore point?

For normal restore points, STORAGE_SIZE is zero. For guaranteed restore points, STORAGE_SIZE indicates the amount of disk space in the flash recovery area used to retain logs required to guarantee FLASHBACK DATABASE to that restore point. Full information about the columns of V$RESTORE_POINT can be found in the Oracle Database Reference.

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