What is the difference between plate tectonics and continental drift?

What is the difference between plate tectonics and continental drift?

The main difference between plate tectonics and continental drift is that plate tectonics describes the features and movement of Earth?s surface in the present and in the past whereas continental drift describes the drifting of Earth?s continents on the ocean bed.

How did plate tectonics move the continents?

For billions of years, plate tectonics built and fragmented supercontinents?land masses made of multiple continents merged together. Plate movement slowly breaks apart the supercontinent. This sends pieces across the ocean to collide and form a new supercontinent, which will also eventually fragment.

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What does the theory of plate tectonics explain that continental drift theory could not explain?

A theory that states that Earth?s surface is made of rigid slabs of rock, or plates, that move with respect to each other. Alfred Wegener could not explain how continents drifted. The theory of plate tectonics does explain this and states that each plate moves over Earth?s hot and semi-plastic mantle.

What is the evidence of the continental drift theory?

In the early part of the 20th century, scientists began to put together evidence that the continents could move around on Earth?s surface. The evidence for continental drift included the fit of the continents; the distribution of ancient fossils, rocks, and mountain ranges; and the locations of ancient climatic zones.

When was continental drift introduced to plate tectonics?

Continental drift was not accepted when first proposed, but in the 1960s it became a cornerstone of the new global theory of plate tecton- ics. The motion of land masses is now explained as a consequence of moving ?plates??large fragments of the earth?s surface layer in which the continents are embedded.

Who is the founder of plate tectonics theory?

Plate tectonics is the theory that Earth?s land masses are in constant motion. The realization that Earth?s land masses move was first proposed by Alfred Wegener, which he called continental drift. He is shown here at the base camp for Johan Koch?s 1912-1913 Greenland expedition.

Who was the first scientist to study continental drift?

Continental drift describes one of the earliest ways geologist s thought continent s moved over time. Today, the theory of continental drift has been replaced by the science of plate tectonics . The theory of continental drift is most associated with the scientist Alfred Wegener.

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Why did Wegener come up with the theory of continental drift?

These processes were the main geologic forces behind what Wegener recognized as continental drift. The way some continents fit together like puzzle pieces inspired the theory of continental drift.

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