what does it mean when your cat drools

what does it mean when your cat drools?

When your cat drools, it means he/she has eaten something bad. If your cat drools frequently, then you should take him/her to the vet immediately.

what does it mean when your cat meows a lot?

Your cat meowing means that he/she wants attention from you. Cats love to be petted and scratched. If you don’t scratch them, they may start meowing.

what does phoebe cates look like now?

Phoebe Cates looks different now than she did when she was younger. She has been through some tough times, but she is still beautiful. Her hair color has changed from blonde to brunette, and her eyes are hazel.

what happened to phoebe cates?

Phoebe Cates was a famous actress who starred in movies such as “The Breakfast Club” and “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”. She died from breast cancer in 2002.

what happened to talking kitty cat?

Talking Kitty Cat was acquired by Google in 2011 for $50 million. The company had raised $1.5 million from angel investors.

what happens if you cut a cats whiskers?

If you cut a cat?s whiskers, they will grow back. The same thing happens when you lose hair from your head. Hair grows back after about 6 months.

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what happens to black cats on halloween?

Black cats are considered bad luck in some cultures, especially during Halloween. However, in other countries they are seen as lucky animals. Some people believe that black cats bring good fortune, while others think that they bring bad luck.

what happens when cats eat chocolate?

When cats eat chocolate, they become addicted to it. They may start eating it all the time, and eventually develop health issues such as obesity. If you want to prevent your cat from becoming addicted to chocolate, try giving them treats made out of natural ingredients like fruits and vegetables.

what happens when you cut a cat’s whiskers?

When you cut a cat’s fur, he gets mad and scratches you. The same thing happens when you cut a dog’s whiskers. However, cats don’t scratch humans, they just try to bite us.

what home remedy can i give my cat for constipation
A cat?s digestive system works differently from ours. Cats do not have a stomach like we do, they only have a small intestine where food passes through. If your cat has constipation, try giving her some pumpkin seeds, which contain fiber and help keep her regular.

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