what does a male cats privates look like

what does a male cats privates look like?

A male cat’s private parts looks like a small penis. The male cat has two testicles and one penis. The penis is located at the base of his tail. The male cat also has a scrotum which contains the testicles. The female cat’s genitals are similar to those of the male cat except for the vagina.

what does a ragdoll cat look like?

A Ragdoll cat looks like a normal cat except for the fact that they have no hair. They also have floppy ears and a long tail.

what does cat ear wax look like?

Cat ear wax looks like a white substance that comes out from the ears when cats scratch themselves. The amount of ear wax varies between breeds of cats. Some breeds produce more ear wax than others.

what does cat in the bag mean?

Cat in the bag means that something has been found out. The expression comes from the old days when criminals would hide contraband items inside cats’ stomachs. If they were caught, the police could search the animal for evidence.

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what does it mean when a cat growls?

A cat growling means that he is angry. If you want to know why cats growl, then you should read our article about why do cats growl.

what does it mean when a cat purrs loudly?

A cat purring loudly means that they are relaxed and comfortable. When cats purr, they release endorphins into their bodies which makes them feel happier. Cats also use purring to communicate with each other.

what does it mean when a cat shakes its tail?

When a cat shakes its tail, it means that it feels threatened. A cat?s tail acts like a warning system for other cats. If another cat sees a threat from behind, it may shake its tail to warn others about danger. Cats also use their tails to communicate with each other. They may shake their tails at other cats to show dominance, or they may use them to signal fear or distress.

what does it mean when a cat sneezes a lot?

When a cat sneezes, he/she is trying to tell you something. If you don’t understand what they’re saying, then you should ask them for clarification.

what does it mean when a cat’s nose is dry?

When a cat has a dry nose, it means that he/she is sick. Cats usually sneeze when they are ill. If you notice that your cat is sneezing frequently, then you should take him/her to the vet immediately.

what does it mean when cats eyes are slits
Cats eyes are slits when they are closed. When they open, they look like normal eyes.

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