what do i do when my cat is constipated

what do i do when my cat is constipated?

If your cat has been constipated for several days, then you should give him some fresh water and food. Then, you should try giving him a laxative such as Milk of Magnesia. However, if he still doesn’t seem to be getting better, then you may need to call your vet.

what do ragdoll cats eat?

Ragdoll cats eat anything they want. They love eating cat food, bones, and other things.

what do tabby cats like?

Tabby cats like to play outside, eat food, sleep, and be petted. They also love to cuddle up next to humans.

what do we call a male cat?

A male cat is called a tomcat.

what do you call an orange and white cat?

A cat named Orange and White.

what do you do with used cat litter?

Used cat litter is a great way to recycle old cat litter. The best thing about using used cat litter is that it doesn’t smell like regular cat litter. If you don’t want to use used cat litter, then you should consider buying new cat litter.

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what do you feed a cat that has diarrhea?

The best way to treat diarrhea in cats is to give them water and keep them hydrated. If they still have diarrhea after drinking plenty of water, then you should call your vet for advice.

what does a blind cat’s eye look like?

A blind cat’s eye looks like a normal cat’s eye, except for one thing: The pupil is completely blacked out. This is caused by a condition called congenital melanocytic nevus.

what does a cat ear infection look like?

A cat ear infection looks like a red spot on the side of the cat?s head. The spots are usually small and circular, and they may be accompanied by pain and itching. If left untreated, the spots may spread and become larger.

what does a cat groomer do
A cat groomer cleans and combs cats’ fur, removes dead hair, and treats any skin conditions. Cat grooming is usually done once a week, depending on how much work needs to be done.

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