what do cats do when they are dying

what do cats do when they are dying?

Cats usually go into a coma when they are about to die. They may be able to hear and smell, but they cannot move or feel pain. When they are close to death, they often curl up into a ball and start purring. This is called “kitty bliss.”

what do cats in minecraft eat?

Cats in Minecraft eat grass, dirt, and leaves. They also like to play with other animals such as chickens and cows.

what do cats like to drink?

Cats love milk! They also love water, but they don’t really like coffee.

what do cats mean spiritually?

Cats symbolize wisdom, loyalty, and love. They also represent protection from evil spirits.

what do cats not like?

Cats don’t like water, they hate cold temperatures, and they don’t like getting wet. They also dislike loud noises, and they hate when you touch them.

what do cats pupils mean?

Cats pupils means that they have a cataract. A cataract is a cloudiness in the lens of the eye which causes blurred vision. The condition usually occurs when the lens becomes cloudy due to aging, injury, disease or other factors.

what do cats see at night?

Cats see better at night than during the day because they have no eyelids. They also have a lot of eyesight, which means they can see much further away than humans. This is why cats are often seen chasing after birds, insects, and other animals.

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what do cats smell like?

Cats smell like catnip! They also love to play with toys. If you want to attract them, put out some catnip toys.

what do cats teeth look like?

Cats teeth look like small pieces of bone that grow out of the top jawbone. They are used for chewing food. The cat?s mouth has no upper jawbone, only a lower one. This means that the teeth are located at the bottom of the mouth.

what do cats think
Cats think they’re the center of the universe, and they’re always looking for attention. They also like to play games, and they love to eat!

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